View Full Version : Oscar 2018 Tarot Reading

March 8th, 2017, 11:10 PM
Hey everybody. Today I did a Zombie Tarot reading about what's going to happen in the Oscar 2018. I know it's too early but I just feel like doing a tarot reading about it ever since this year Oscars turned out to be a disaster in the Best Picture Category. I did a three card spread for interpretation.

1. Near Future: 3 of Swords Reverse: It's looks like the heartbreak is ending in next year Oscars

2. Distant Future: 3 of Cups: There's going to be a celebration in next year Oscars.

3. Far Distant Future: 5 of Wands Reverse: It's looks like the conflict is over in next year Oscars.

So in summary Oscars 2018 will turn out great with no mistakes this time. So what do you think of my interpretation? Tell me your thoughts and opinions. :)