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Shawn Cameron
April 9th, 2017, 12:56 PM
I spent 4 years active duty in the Coast Guard as an electronics Technician, and managed to get out with an honorable discharge for "inability to adjust to military life" a month before making E5. A few years later I was diagnosed with severe depression and possibly bipolar and was basically told that the depression that caused me to leave the military could have been helped with the right medications, (which I am now on). The rub of the mater, and the reason I'm writing this, is because ever since I got out I have had dreams of going back in, they are always stressful, not scary like nightmares but still don't lead to restful sleep. They are often me regretting getting out and flip-flopping around about getting back in (the code on my DD214 would allow me to get reenlist with some hoop jumping). It can't be denied that the military has some major befits, The pay, the travel (my family doesn't like to stay in one place for too long), the education assistance, the guaranteed job and training for said job the health care, and the fact that they force you to stay in shape. But at the same time you don't get to chose when or where to move, you have to fit any education around work as the scheduled isn't flexible, and forcing you to pass PT tests is a great way to stay in shape but also added stress if your MOS and natural habits don't already keep you in shape.

I guess I just wanted to rant a little to some people who might understand my dilemma. My husband and I are on a very strict budget at the moment in an attempt to pay off all of our debt and never ever take out another loan again (even for a house or car), we are also back in my hometown renting my mothers condo and working jobs we aren't exactly happy with and don't pay the best, and on my bad days I can't help but blame my weakness and decision to get out of the military for putting us in this position. To be honest I would join the Army today if my husband could also join, he as asthma and we don't think he can get a health waver but he is planning on looking into it, but I don't want to be the one to uproot my family again especially now that he has a job that may lead him into the field he wants even if he is currently at entry level.

Anyway, done ranting. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this.

April 9th, 2017, 01:47 PM
With your husband having asthma that would be a hard one to clear for him enlisting / re-enlisting. Especially given that the last I heard the military was still in a draw down scenario and being very selective about who they take in, even in they are veterans or osvets (other service veterans). If he has to use an inhailer it would be even harder it not out and out impossible.

Not sure what your discharge code was on your DD-214 but you could be in the same boat. You got an Honorable but if it wasn't an RE-R1 (think that is the correct one) then there could be a lot of waivers to get. You could still get an Honorable but be medically non-recommended for re-enlistment. But a recruiter would have to go over all that and maybe a district level recruiter not a local recruiter to process the waivers depending upon which service branch.

Regarding dreams of going back in I'm retired Navy after serving 23 years. But it's been almost 17 years since I retired but I still have dreams of being recalled to active duty or finding myself on active duty. Sometimes I am back doing my job and reliving things I did from my past, other times it is all new as if I am reporting to a new command. Granted I am still a Chief Petty Officer so keep my rank and rate and all the responsibilities and accountability that goes with it. Sometimes I am on the submarines, sometimes on one of the surface ships and other times on one of the shore commands, stateside or overseas. Many times it's dreams that occur within a military framework and symbology as that was the major symbolism for the majority of my adult life. One thing many vets have in common, whether they are retired after 20 something years or having served 1 hitch is having dreams of returning to the service. Sometimes the dreams are nightmares where we wake up from situations like combat, a sub sinking we can't get out of, a conflag on a ship and we are trapped. Other times things and / or friends we served with or places we went to and a satisfaction we got from our service. Sometimes it's due to regret that we didn't do something and we wish we could have a chance to do it over or even undo. So your not alone in that category.

Though all things considered if your looking for quality of life for you and your family Air Force would probably be your best bet. Navy has lots of shore duty but also lots of sea duty which can be hell on a family, especially with young children. Army deploys a lot and chances are you'll deploy. Air Force deploys as well but they don't seem to deploy as much and families go with them more often than not. More than a few AF types may spend a whole career in the same general area simply going from command to command and never really leave the area.

Either way I wish you luck.

But like I said your not alone in the dream stuff.

Shawn Cameron
April 9th, 2017, 04:35 PM
Thanks Monsnoleedra, I think I needed that.

The Army has more of a "we will take anyone" attitude then most of the others. The Coast Guard is defiantly on draw down and has re-instituted highyear-tenyear (sp?). (I still have friends and old commanders who are in). The Army are also the only ones who seem to consider health wavers for Asthma *shrug*. I would need to look up the code again but last time I did there where two versions of the code and mine was the one that could be considered for re-enlistment. I wouldn't join any branch without the understanding that deployment is a very real possibility, it's part of signing the paperwork, and if you can't come to terms with that then you really shouldn't be signing the paperwork. At least with both spouses enlisted they keep them within I believe 50 miles of each others unit. Now with the Navy and the Coast Guard that means that one may be on a land unit and the other a ship that shares a port so you will still be apart a lot but at least your land side home is the same :)

Anyway I'm rambling again. Thanks again Monsnoleedra.

April 9th, 2017, 05:04 PM
I'd check on that 50 mile thing. Usually it's same geographical area. But that could be one in Florida and one in Maine for instance or one in England and one in Virginia as they would be on the same ocean. Been sometime but it's like my wife was in the Corps and geolocation offered for us once was me in Scotland and her in North Carolina with me having the kids as I was senior. We extended at our command's and she elected to get out at the end of that tour instead. Sometimes your in the same area, sometimes not. Does make a lot of difference if your the same service or so called paired serves (ie Navy & Marine Corp) for certain but not always due to MOS / NEC. Can be done but takes some coordination with detailers and such to work it out and assignment duration & rotation.

Last I checked Navy is still strictly using high-year tenure as well. I know I read something not to long ago about the Reserves taking people and then jumping into active duty from there but can't tell you much about it. But might also be an option to consider or at least check out. Week end and two weeks a year plus training might not be to bad to start with as an option though don't recall what the pay is now for a reservist though you might be able to keep your E-4 status, maybe something for your husband to consider as well. Just a suggestion to consider.