View Full Version : Playing Boss Monster With More Players Tarot Reading

April 27th, 2017, 10:39 PM
Hey everybody. Today I did an After Tarot reading about playing Boss Monster with more players. In case you want to know what Boss Monster is. Well Boss Monster is a card game design for 2-4 players. The object of the game is where all the player are villain and their main goal is kill all there heroes in the game in their dungeon. It inspired in an tabletop RPG game. I got Boss Monster and Boss Monster: The Next Level. However I've been playing this game by myself and honestly I feel kind of lonely playing the game by myself. So anyway I did a three card spread for interpretation.

1. Near Future: 6 of Cups: I'm going to experience nostalgia when I play Boss Monster with more players.

2. Distant Future: 4 of Cups Reverse: I'm going to socialized making new friends.

3. Far Distant Future: Temperance: There's going to be balance and moderation when I finished playing Boss Monster with more players.

So in summary, I'm going to have fun playing Boss Monster with more players. The dominance of the spread is Cups means that there's emotions involved. So what do you think of my interpretation? Tell me your thoughts and opinions. :)