View Full Version : Playing Evaina Gonzalez In My Future Dungeons And Dragons 3.5 Games Tarot Reading

August 31st, 2017, 07:11 PM
Hey everybody. Today I did a New Palladini Tarot reading for myself on what's going to happen when I play Evaina Gonzalez in my future Dungeons And Dragons Version 3.5 games. Today I created a character sheet for Evaina and planning to play in my future D&D games. She's a Chaotic Good female human sorceror. I did a three card spread for interpretation.

1. Near Future: 4 of Wands: There's going to be a celebration when I play Evaina Gonzalez in my future D&D 3.5 games.

2. Distant Future: Fool Reverse: I'm going to be foolish and naive playing my character. I'm also going to be risky as well.

3. Far Distant Future: 3 of Swords Reverse: I'll no longer suffering from heartbreak with my character.

So in summary things are looking good for my character. There's going to be some problems in the middle of the game but overall things will turned out great. SO what do you think about my interpretation? Tell me your thoughts and opinions.