View Full Version : PS1: Harvest Moon, Back to Nature

May 16th, 2003, 07:34 PM
Fun game! It's for the Playstation game console and it's such a boring concept, it's fun and exciting!

Harvest Moon is about farming. You build up your farm, raise crops, buy and breed cows, sheep, and chickens, woo a woman to marry you, and eventually have a kid. There's festivals, mining, horse races, and everything! Your character is a boy who inherits a farm from his grandfather. You have 3 years to build it up or you have to leave the town.

Has anyone else played this? I got as far as having a kid with the librarian girl.. and my memory card crapped out on me. So I have to do it all over again! :(

I love this game and it's very addicting and time-consuming!