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June 3rd, 2001, 06:30 PM
the best advise i recieved was to place this here. It is not poetry. It is untittled, and I would like opinions on it and your thoughts for a tittle.

Christina Renee' Brandt

Silence fills the room as the misty wind blows through the window. Dust flies everywhere, creating a whirlwind of time. Find them. Find them. Ship them away. Take away the long hours of the final days and change your mind, little spider. My minion-slave. Change your mind. Forget the everlasting time, find your place in this simple world.

Ship away the boat, cast it off to sea. Dance with the fearies, while they peer into the sky, looking for the answer to: "Why, why, why?" Shall I ever know you? Shall you ever be true? Figment of my mind, never to be human. Never to be solid. Never to stand by my side to help me when I need you. To guide me true. Make me tell the truth, to forget all my lies. Promise my following to my dieties, to my friends, to my companion, and to you.

Keep your heart bound, never tell a soul who you are. Let them find for themselves, my creation, my perfection. All my hopes, my dreams, my hates, my loves, and everything in between. You are me, but you are yourself. Friend in my head, my mind's keeper.

Will you have a room-mate? Is my mind a mess? Shall we clean up the trash, keep the education, and party with the rest? Finding hidden thoughts I never knew I thought. Chasing old ones I forgot. Never mind the time, never mind how much I will sleep. Let us party in my mind!

Hang the streamers of digital darkness. Invite some others to keep us company. But you, my friend, will be here. Staying by my side, helping me last the night without waking. Shelter my eyes from the heavy light of the basement. Keep me from seeing it through. Block it with an umbrella or a blanket, but cover my eyes, shield my lids.

Make me remember those I have forgotten. Lost friends, lost family. Spark a flame in my mind, create a hole where they were kept. Replace them with a gifted thought. Something of my liking. My writings, my art. Something I will always remember. Something someone once said to me, something I will never forget. Place these in the space. Keep them with me. I might need them for hope in the future, or something else.

Shed those tears of yours, but not for I. You are my creation, you are my love. Send your heart towards the sky, forget the bound of my skull. Chase your dreams unto the clouds. Find your own way.

Write your best, think all you want, remember what I have given you, what I have taught you. Never forget me, my friend. I am powerful, I am creatious, I have done my best. You are me, you are you. Find yourself, cast away in that boat of yours. Final day shall come, death to you, my love. What will it be? Suffering or quick without a flinch? What do you wish, my creation? Ah, so you have no answer. You wish to live? You are mine, I remind you. But without your company, shall I go mad? Do I need you to survive with faint sanity? Or shall I destroy you thinking how ignorant it is having you around? What, oh what shall I do?

It is not your choice, you have no say, but your opinion would matter, my… pagan. My friend, my love, my difference to the world. My chaotic bud of mere joy. Capture the wind in our throat, no no more, it will cause you pain. Forget my, but not myself. Forget who I am, but not what I am. Create your own time. Fly from this party. Sail off into the stormy sky on your boat, listen to the waves crackle against the side. Last until you cannot.

You don't need to eat, you are never hungry. Remember that, my love. You have no name, for I love all but mine. Get your by granting of a wish. Which do you choose my friend?

Shacretion? Diamen? Welst? Yafly? Or, perhaps, something simple? Something that will be unoriginal? But…

You don't like that idea? Do what will it be, my friend? What will it be? Gieah. Vamittiana, haliqa? Pinora? Ah, so you will choose.

So it will be? Ah, Diamen. You like that one, do you? Yes, all but the best for my creation.

Diamen. Diamen. Diamen. A perfect name for you, I think. It fits you evenly.

But what to do about keeping you in my mind? How shall we concur this thought? Will we follow, my Diamen? Or will we keep you by my side, in my mind to keep me straight? Yes, yes. You may choose. Keep your ideas small, mind you.

So, have you decided yet? Keep you or not? What do you think, my love?

Keep you? Are you sure? Was that a tough decision? Perhaps, but perhaps not. We shall spend my eternity together, now, you and I. And perhaps the Afterlife too? How do you think of that? Must we keep this up? We are going in circles, yes, I know you know. I merely pointed it out.

It's not my fault. Let us finish the party. We are running out of preparation time.

June 6th, 2001, 12:03 AM
*Bump, set, spike* <wait, I don't play Volleyball>

c'mon people!!!! I want at least one opinion!!!!!