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June 22nd, 2003, 06:20 PM
Just wondering how many of you out there have read any of Katherine Kerr's books like Daggerspell, Darkspell, etc. She goes into a remarkable amount of detail with her magick system she uses for her fantasy world, known as dweomer. I posted this over in the books section too, but it probably fits better here.

What I found interesting as I have been looking into Qabalah and the Western Esoteric Tradition recently is just how much of some of the magick being described and used by the character of Nevyn matches up with some of the things that I do on my own. I think it's in "The Bristling Wood" where it describes Nevyn using a form of a cross to connect himself to the universe's energy, much like I use a meditation known as the Qabalistic Cross to ground, center, and connect myself to the energies around me.

Also, if you've read some of the books by Dion Fortune, in particular "Sane Occultism" or "Psychic Self-Defense", you'll know that in these she mentions how sex between two males has been used by followers of the left-hand path to generate a great degree of energy, as it is not being grounded out by the negative female aspect. Instead, it is a positive-positive. In Kerr's "Darkspell", the followers of the "dark dweomer" or dark magicks use this exact type of energy-raising technique.

Has anyone else noticed any other ties between Kerr's dweomer magick and the qabalah, or even some of Dion Fortune's writings? For that matter, does anyone know if Katherine Kerr has ever before read any of Fortune's books?

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June 23rd, 2003, 12:11 AM
Im reading Fortune's Esoteric Orders and thier functions book, it is very interesting

June 24th, 2003, 12:32 AM
Actually, I just found another link between Katherine Kerr's books and Dion Fortune's books myself... I'm reading "The Dragon Revenant" and the experience that Jill has when she unwittingly sends off her wolf-shaped thought-form is an experience very much like what Dion Fortune had to deal with herself as mentioned in her book "Psychic Self-Defense".