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June 7th, 2001, 01:04 PM
Every city, town and village has a Blair Witch-like legend. I'm curious to know what is out there.

In my home town of Yonkers, NY there is a beautiful park called Untermeyers. It overlooks the Hudson River and Palisade Mountains. The park was built in the Greek/Roman Classical style as was popular during the Victorian period. It has fallen into disrepair, but is still beautiful. It boasts a marble rotunda that has a mosaic tile Medusa at it's center. The rotunda overlooks a intricately mosaiced swimming pool that depicts various forms of sea life, and the mountains and river. There are reflecting pools, statuary, including two Roman style sphynxes, and ampetheatre and various fig trees, and shrubbery planted in the symmetry of the classical style.

There are caves located at the base of the river that have been rumored to be used by Satan worhippers for human and animal sacrifice. David Berkowitz would regularly cut through the parks aqueduct on his way home from the famous Son of Sam killings. He is the most infamous person to frequent the park. Isabella Duncan was the most famous, as she preformed there in the park's hay day.

An entire troop of Boyscouts were killed in the Palisades, overlooked by the park, in the 40's.

It is an amazing blend of both good and evil. One can feel both energies when there. Here are some links of pictures of the park.


So, what's your hometown's legend?

June 7th, 2001, 09:12 PM
What a blast from the past. My friends and I used to have keg parties at the bottom of the "thousand steps". Alot of strange things happened there. Recently, while renovating the park they found remains of dogs buried there. I grew up hearing rumors about the park and it's owner Untermyer (can't remember the first name). Things like he kept his wife prisoner in the mansion and abused her. I did some research recently and found nothing suspicious about him. He was a lawyer and very politically powerful and we all know how they cover things up. Anyhow it could simply just be rumors amplified by the parks recent history of violence.


June 7th, 2001, 09:23 PM
The place is kinda surreal though. I remember searching for the caves. I never found them, but I found all sorts of other strange things.