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Dria El
June 8th, 2001, 02:03 AM
Anuket, Giver of Life
~ Crescent Moon ~

This deity's name was written as Anuket, Anqet, or Anukis. She was called the Clasper, as she was the goddess of the Nile Cataracts. Her symbol was the cowrie shell, a very ancient Great Goddess symbol. As with many other Egyptian goddesses, Anuket was considered to be self-begotten. As the second wife of the god Khnemu (a Moon deity), she had a special dwelling place on the island of Seheil. She was also worshipped at Elephantine with Khnemu.

Sometimes she was pictured as a woman wearing a tall plumed crown, sometimes as having four arms. These four arms represented the union of male and female principles.

Anuket can be called upon to greet and bless a new baby or baby animals. She was called the Giver of Life, both of humans and animals. The new sliver of the Crescent Moon is an excellent time for a family greeting and blessing of a new child or animal. Although this ritual is written for a child, you can use it in much the same manner for little animals.

Set up a miniature altar on a table. Use a white or lace cloth. Place two silver or white candles on it. In a nice bowl, pour fresh water and float a few rose petals in it; place this bowl between the candles in the center of the altar. Lay your sistrum to the right of the bowl, the ankh to the left. Burn rose incense. You can have a vase of colorful flowers to one side. Also place a chalice of milk or juice near the bowl of water. If you wish, one chalice can hold milk for the child (or animal), the other juice or wine for the other participants.

Take the child in your arms and hold her/him facing the little altar. Say:

I present this child of (parents' names) to the Old Gods.
Anuket, goddess of life, I ask that you bless her/him.
(Touch the child's forehead gently with the ankh)
Open her/his eyes to the Eternal Truth of Being.
Guide her/him into the spiritual path where she/he should go.

Give the child to one of the parents. Raise the bowl of water and rose petals high, then say:

These are the sacred waters of Akuket.
May Anuket always guide and protect this child.

Place the bowl back on the altar. Wet the tip of your forefinger and touch the child's forehead, mouth, and heart.

Welcome, little one. You are loved. The Goddess loves you. We love you. Welcome to this world.

Have one parent carry the child beside you, the other carry the ankh, as you move clockwise around the room, beginning in the East, and stopping at each direction. Take the sistrum in your power hand and shake it three times before each direction. The person holding the ankh should hold it up in presentation at each point.

Go to the East. Say:

Powers of Air, Deities of the East,
Grant this child wisdom and true knowledge.

Move to the South. Say:

Powers of Fire, Deities of the South,
Grant this child spiritual growth in the Old Ways.

Go to the West. Say:

Powers of Water, Deities of the West,
Grant this child calmness of spirit and emotions.

Finish by going to the North. Say:

Powers of Earth, Deities of the North,
Grant this child prosperity and well-being.

Go back to stand before the altar. Lay aside the sistrum and ankh. Take up the chalice of milk. Say:

Anuket, giver of life, nourish this child.
Keep her/him under your gentle hands,
Protecting and guiding her/him all the days of her/his life.

Give the child a drink of the milk. If the child is too small to drink, wet the tip of your forefinger in the milk and put it in the child's mouth.

Do you, (parents' names), promise before Anuket, that you will love and cherish this new life She has placed in your care?

Parents answer:

We do.

Take up the chalice of juice or wine. Say:

Rejoice, for Anuket gives her blessings to all. Drink from this chalice, and seal your pledge to the goddess.

First the parents, then everyone else present, takes a sip of the juice or wine.