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July 18th, 2003, 11:36 AM
So....it's pretty clear that we all love our pets to insanity :) I've noticed alot of people have said that all or most of their pets are rescue's. We seem to like to share stories of how our pets came into our lives... This thread is just for that. Share your story of how your best friends came into your life.

As for me, I had a cat growing up named "Puffy" who was one of a litter of kittens that was born at my Grandpa's house, a stray who they took in had had them under their porch..my parents took him home, and my aunt took another of the kittens home, and the rest found homes elsewhere as well.

My next cat, Splunker, came to me when I had my first apartment. I was living upstairs from a guy who was...well..suffering major mental problems. He had gotten a cat from a friend, never got her spayed, and was exceedingly neglectful of her. Her name was Mandy. Mandy started visiting my apartment, back when my ex boyfriend was still living with me. We would make sure she was fed, on the weekends when "Marty" was away, and she was locked out of her house. Marty always frightened poor Mandy..grabbing her too quickly, holding her too tightly, etc. Think "Lenny" from "Of Mice and Men". So..she quickly began to see our home as a place of refuge. She got pregnant, and almost immediately after giving birth, began lugging her kittens, one by one, up the stairs to our apartment. In the end, we just kind of agreed to take care of them all, by default. And we eventually found homes for each of them, except one straggler...we couldn't find a home for her. And Marty had decided he would keep her. She...Splunker, had other idea's. She thought of our apartment as her home, and decided she would never leave. So...she became my cat. Marty moved away, with Mandy, my exboyfriend moved out eventually, and Splunker became my cat. She went into heat early, before I could get her fixed, had another litter of kittens who I found homes for, and then I got her fixed. I brought her with me on two moves, first to a home shared with a friend, and then here to RI. A few months after moving here, she decided to cross the road, which she'd never done before, and was struck and hit by a car. This was the saddest event of my life, losing my beloved Splunker. But it also managed to teach me so much, about loving a pet...

Shortly after her death, John volunteered to take me to the pound, to find another cat. Incidentally, he had two of his own already. Boris, and Terra. Boris he adopted from the pound long before meeting me, and Terra he found by way of a little girl who brought this tiny flea infested stray kitten bundle into the pet store one day while he was there..."Anyone want a kitten? I found him abandoned by the side of the road, and my mom says I can't keep him." John took him home, cured him of fleas, and became his daddy.

So...fast foward, John takes me to the pound to look at new cats. At the time, I really was quite convinced that I wouldn't find one that I wanted to adopt. If I wanted any cat, at that point, psychotically, it would have been an exact replica of Splunker..that is how heartbroken, and soul sick I was over her loss. But..nature had other plans in mind. There was no cat who even faintly resembled Splunker at the pound. So I wandered up and down the rows of cages, with a heavy heart. And suddenly, a tiny paw reached out of its cage, and snagged my sweater. Peering into the cage, I saw three kittens. Two Torties, and one calico. Initially, I was "attracted" to one of the torties, who was just so pretty. But this little calico simply would not let my sweater go. I picked up the tortie, who didn't seem to bond at all..wiggled, and wriggled, and so I put her back. I finally turned my attention to the calico, who peered up at me with the saddest, yet most hopeful eyes. And I put her on my shoulder. She perched there like a parrot on a pirates shoulder, looking like the ruler of the world. That was it, I was lost. She was mine. While all this was going on, John was walking around the pound, and stopped at a cage and cried "Look! Jean! It's a mini Terra!" I looked over (with the kitten on my shoulder) to see a small black long haired cat, who did indeed resemble our Terra, huddling in his cage. He wasn't quite a kitten, but was certainly not a full grown cat yet. John insisted we bring him home too. Said he couldn't stand the thought of this cat being put down, or having to stay there in the shelter. So we brought home two rescues that day. Who came to be named Summer, and Winter. Summer eventually chose her own name as "Kitten Little". I made up a silly song, calling her that, and she began to only answer to that name.

So..that is how we became a family. Boris, Terra, Winter, and Kitten Little, and John and I.

When I think Back to Splunker, and how she died so unexpectedly, and how deeply I grieved for her, it makes me love my Kitten little even more. I loved Splunker deeply...but, oddly, the love that I had for her, almost pales in comparison to the new love I have with Kitten Little. Perhaps realizing how fragile their lives are, and how we can lose them so suddenly, has made me pour every ounze of love that I have inside me, into my cats today. Kitten little and I are inseperable. I love our other cats too, and Winter and I share a deep bond as well. But..kitten little is the one who still snuggles up against my breast, or with her head tucked under my chin, or on my back. I never bring her outside, unless she is on a leash. She follows me everywhere. I will do my best to watch over her every minute..to make sure that nothing can ever harm her. I never for a minute, take her love, that precious gift for granted. And sometimes, I almost think that Splunker sacrificed her life, to bring me this even greater depth and understanding of the love between a pet, and their "parents".

July 18th, 2003, 12:02 PM
tika was the bird I "rescued" from a really dirty, tiny cage housing three other cockatiels in a skanky Woolworth store. He made a noise that sounded like a wolf whistle (which I soon learned was just a contact call and *not* an actual wolf whistle... I taught him that) and I was charmed by that. So I paid for him and took him home with me.

Tris is the cockatiel I adopted from PetsMart. He also made a noise similar to a wolf whistle the first time I saw him. I resisted getting him the first time I saw him, but when I recognized that he was still there a month later, I adopted him. :) It was an interesting start.... He got stuck on this flypaper tube in the aviary at the pet store and he was so traumatized that he had to stay there overnight. And he's quite a character. For the first six months, he would bite HARD and hold on. He was absolutely out for blood. But he's mellowed out a bit, fortunately. And now he whistles all the time and chirps and lets me pat him (without getting any chunks taken out of me).

I still miss tika very much, but Tris is slowly but surely turning into just as charming a feathered son as his older brother.

I just need to spend more quality time with him on a regular basis.

July 18th, 2003, 12:09 PM
let's see... My baby is the baby of my cousin’s baby :D make sense?

There are other animals at our place
Blackie -the oldest male was almost run over by my aunt so she brought him home. he's been with us for about 7 or 8 years. We think he was in an abusive home before because of the way he acts around certain things and actions
Cherrie -is the oldest female she was given to us by another relative who wasn't able to provide for her.
3 pups from the union of Blackie and cherry.
Then there's an aviary full of birds
We're a zoo.

July 18th, 2003, 12:11 PM
Patches our Tri-Color kitty I adopted from a groomers. She was in a pile with her litter mates and came out to see me. I couldn't resist. :eyebro:
Max our long hair kitty we adpoted from the streets. He just wandered in and stayed.
Charlie my Tiel I got from a friend at work.
Peepers the Pigeon I rescued from work before he got run over by a forklift.

July 18th, 2003, 01:52 PM
Avon actually has criminal record. He was born at a local federal prison now since closed. They used to have a dairy which attracted a lot of feral cats. They actually allowed prisoners to keep cats and apparently it was good therapy, with very little abuse. The humane society used trap as many cats as possible as will as fix the prisoners cats.

Avon was first rescued by the humane society and was adopted as someone's basement cat since her other cats didn't like him. Unfortunately the house burnt down and he was returned to the humane society for another adoption.

In spite of his shady past and size, he's a big black cat, he's a very sweet velcro kitty.

Old Witch
July 18th, 2003, 07:04 PM
Dax is the only dog we've ever paid for..........A friend of Kens Walker Hound and her sons Rottweiller had a fling...and out popped 10 little Rottweiler lookalikes........I picked him out when he was 2 weeks old. He was my Christmas present from Ken.....Cherokee was starving to death around where my clients for the Senior Citizens lived......and one day I could not stand it anymore....the nexy day I took collar and leash and dog bisquits.....and she rode around with me on the bus all day and I took her home......Tipper is Dax and Cherokees 6 year old daughter.....Bitty is Dax and Cherokees 2 and1/2 year old daughter................And if this new dog stays...........Well she showed up on my door step in a T-Storm..........Sandy gave me my love bird.....they were too noisy for her and John....My turtles......Old Guy and Anti Social and Lucy came from People who were moving and couldn't take them with them.......Boris came from a reptile show.....The baby turtle were rescued from 2 kids, who hadn't a clue as to how to treat turtles....I lost 2 of their siblings, they didn't make it............Bryant
rescued the two musk turtles from a hellish situation.......and I don't know where the cooter and slider actually were obtained........Hamtaro was born two days after her mother was bought from a pet store......Seans girlfriends sister gave it to him.......Twinkie was a Christmas present from Sean and Kenny........

Bainidhe Dub
July 18th, 2003, 08:47 PM
My first dog was an albino sheltie who was deaf, named Guy (but pronounced Geeber; I was 2 ya know lol). Mom and dad got him from a friend for my birthday when I was 2. He was my constant companion until he was too old to leave the yard without becoming a danger to himself. He died in 1995 after 13 years of mooching ice cream from me. My favorite story of him was when I was too young to remember - my dad (a firefighter) was going to rush out of the driveway to a call, where I was playing (knowing full well I wasn't allowed to do so). Dad went to spank me and Guy grabbed Dad's hand so he couldn't. Needless to say, we both got a firm pat on the behind for that lol.

After that we got Duchess, a german shepard/wolf mix from a local farm. I picked her because she was the quiet puppy who stayed near her mom. She was hit by a car after slipping her collar in NC.

Then we got Spike, Mom's Mother's day present in 1999. Then two weeks later, fate stepped in and Dad brought home the sweetest long haired basset you'd ever seen. Bubba and Spike were inseperable. After I left for collage, my parents and the couple they got Bubba from decided to have little basset puppies and ended up with 12 of them. Mom and Dad kept Tessa B. and Tubby and moved the whole lot of them to Illinois.

When I moved back home in Feb. 2002, I got Custard, Tessa's only pup to survive 2 litters. She's my spoiled baby and lets me know it. *grins* I don't know what I'd do without her.

On top of the dogs, we have 2 tiger cats; Tigger who blew in with Hurricane Fran while we were in N. Carolina, and Merlin, who "appeared" back last September.

July 18th, 2003, 09:06 PM
Cricket (who is now with me in Spirit) and Misti I got from my ex-brother in-law when his cat had kittens. Safarii and Miraja I rescued. They were the kittens of a stray and she had them in a wood pile in my back yard. My neighbors park their car outside and didn't like the sandy cat tracks they'd find on it so they determined to rid the neighborhood of all cats. They set cat traps in their back yard and had several taken away by animal control before I even realized what was happening. I stumbled upon "the little guys" and grabbed them before the neighbor got them. That was 6 years ago and they are my pride and joy.

A funny note to add. Something happened to this neighbor who sent so many to a bad end. She must have had a twing of guilt because she turned into a bigger cat nut than I am. She turned around and rescued 5 stray cats and spent hundreds of dollars on them and months tameing them down. She got scratched and bitten numerous times but continued to work with them till they were tame enough to find homes for. She ended up keep 3 of them herself and now has a total of 6 cats! I'd sure like to know what gave her such a change of heart,... and I'm so glad it did. :)

July 19th, 2003, 02:19 AM
I got my Harley from the vets adoption center. I went in looking for a dog that got huge because I lived basicly alone ( husband was gone all week) and usually the bigger the dog the less likely anyone will come in. Well they did not have any pups there that were going to get as big as I wanted but they did have this fiesty young pup that was about 4 weeks old and as cute as a button. I asked what breed he was and the vet wasn't sure but that he knew he had German shepard and husky in him. ( I have discovered he has Sharpie in him as well) Well I just couldn't leave the poor little bugger there so I paid my $30 and brought him home with me ( he was small enough to sleep in the floor board at my feet and not get in the way of the pedels) I soon discovered he had a MAJOR attitude!!! Hence the name Harley. Biker attitude with the heart of a teddy bear. ( most of the time :lol: )

July 19th, 2003, 03:56 AM
Here we go!

Sir Squibbleton (Squee)
He was found outside here in Indiana. He was so skinny, malnourished, but the lovin'-est cat you ever did see!
Come to find out, he'd belonged to someone. I guess he got outside when he wasn't supposed to because he didn't have a collar.
We didn't give him back because he wasn't fed properly.

Barley Bear
She was given to us by hubby's mom. She was picked up in the local Quality Farm and Fleet, which is a farmer's store thing. Sold feed and stuff like that.
She and 2 others were being given away. :) We got her.

She was given away (by us) to some people with a mentally handicapped daughter. This daughter went to a college for girls like her. I thought that was neat. :)
But, then the daughter had to be pulled out for various reasons, and one of the giftshop tenders just turned our dog loose. She was in Kentucky and ended up in Nashville, Indiana.
The humane society called us and we went and got her back. :)

This little torie kitten was given to me by my aunt Mary. Her cat had had kittens, and we just wanted one after I gave Shortstuff to hubby's gramma.

July 19th, 2003, 09:25 PM
We got Snuttis from one of my boyfriend's cousins. She lives way out on the country with her boyfriend and their three kids (though they only had two back then). They have loads of half wild cats, living on their left-overs. The first time ever I was going there (the boyfriend and I had been together for just over a year) I heard they had kittens. 2-week old kittens. We sort-of talked about getting one... The boyfriend was very much against it at first, and I kept nagging... Yada yada. We went to visit the cousin, and met Snuttis. Two weeks old. He had a brother, and an adopted sister. He was the smallest and weakest of all the cats, and I fell in love right away!! I picked him up and he fell asleep wrapped into my sweater, and then he cried when I put him back down... We asked the cousin if we could have one, and she said yes "if the male cat doesn't come for it". We were sooooooo worried... Not much later, we made a definitive decision to take the kitty that would get the name Snuttis - the smallest and weakest of all the cats. When he was 5 weeks old, we went to visit the cats again. Gosh, he was SO CUTE (see the pictures attached)! When he was about 8 weeks old, he could finally come home to us. He was so tiny...! And so skinny! The first day, he ate so much he puked... twice! I understand him - where he lived before he always had to fight for the food.

He turned 2 recently (May 3rd), and now he's a big, rather fat cat. But still so cute, so cute... :D

July 19th, 2003, 10:20 PM
We got mister Charlie from my older sister...he was a gift to my neice for her birthday...he was too mean (he just didn't like the little kid "attention" ) so I took him. He's a white cat with one green eye and one blue...he's now an indoor/outdoor cat. He brings me "gifts" that he catches. Needless to say, I'm not all that thrilled when he brings them home...I know his intentions are good...but it's still not my cup of tea. I love my Charlie man.

Flar's Freyja
July 21st, 2003, 09:41 PM
Okay, we'll do one at a time. This post is about
Buddy and Squeak.

After owning him for 14 years, we had to finally put our Petey down when a bladder condition that had been bothering him years finally got the better of him despite expensive prescription cat food and several emergency treatments. The only other cat we had at the time was Squeak, who is the daughter of Little Girl, a wild and very sick cat that I rescued who never lost the wild part and had finally run off after having two litters while with us. Spaying her didn't help keep her home. Although Squeak is long-haired, she barely sheds, doesn't smell or claw the furniture and is incredibly sweet. Everyone wants to take her home.

Two weeks after Petey passed on, my son kept coming home and telling me about this very nice cat that had started hanging out at his girlfriend's house, which is in the country. I adamantly said NO. I was working a very stressful job at the time and one cat was all I wanted to worry about. He kept working on me and working on me and I held my ground. He was about 16 at the time. One night, he came in carrying the dang cat. I yelled so loud that I scared the poor thing and just threw my hands in the air and gave up. As it turns out, Bud is an awesome cat and is so much like Petey that it seemed that Petey had just found himself a new body. Same meow, characteristics, mannerisms, etc. We bonded very quickly. Buddy was also neutered and declawed and I still don't understand how someone could have abandoned him like that.

And since my son brought him home, Buddy still lives with him in my old house and I still get to visit with him several times per week. When I spend the night, he still sleeps with me!

July 21st, 2003, 11:17 PM
HAHAHA...let's just say that most of my mob have "found me" at sometime or another. Buster claimed me nearly 16 years ago when I was walking the dog in a nearby park and was accosted by two very desperate and determined abandoned kittens. I found a home for the very adorable little gray one, and wound up keeping the scrawny, bow-legged, and rather homely brown tabby. That same summer I rescued two little female kittens from a cedar tree at the apartment complex I was living at..again, found a home for one, and kept the little black and white tuxedo, Katie. I moved into the house I live in now nearly 11 years ago. The people up the street always have had a whole slew of semi-feral cats, and needless to say a whole slew of kittens. Enter one fiercely determined blue gray little fellow...he definitely claimed me for his. He's now a rather "portly" fellow and an absolute sweet heart, Big Willie! The next summer I was adopted by a charming brown tabby and white cat. He started coming over for a "snack" and a bit of scratching. Eventually, he decided he preferred my house to where ever his was. He lived in tha garage for the next 2 summers, until the neighbor had a conniption about "THAT CAT"..so he, Big Dave, became a house cat..I lost him to cancer 2 years ago now, and still miss his big heart. Then there is Tim..another black and white tree kitty. I was walking my dog and heard the desperate cries of a very unhappy kitten. Finally spotted this tiny mite as high up in a tree as he could get..so I spent the next 20 or 30 minutes coaxing him down....and when he finally got down, he took one look at the dog and ran back up the tree. I figured that since he had managed to climb down once, he' d be ok for the second try....WRONG!!!! the farther I got away from his tree, the louder he screamed!! So I went back to the tree and said " OK! Get down here!" This time he clambered down the tree and hopped onto my shoulder and rode all the way home there. And then there's the triplets..3 nearly identical tiny, red tabby kittens a friend rescued and left with me (at work no less) to take care of......Zak, Zeke, and Zedd..still inseperable even after 5 years. Dainty little Gracie who is a terror when she wants to be....who marched up to me at my part time job at the minature golf course, and claimed me...I gave her away to a good home, and she was so rotten they brought her back! And then there's Floyd, a small bit of orange and white fluff that marched up to me and my dog , sat on my foot, and informed me he was now my cat. And Peanut, who was rescued from an abusive home, and left with me "temporarily" about 2 years ago now. And poor Tina, who got passed on to me when my sisters couldn't keep her any longer.. Of course, I have no doubt that if they ever manage to figure out how to open the cans of cat food, I'll come home to find my stuff (and the evil computer) piled on the lawn....

Flar's Freyja
July 24th, 2003, 11:34 AM
Freyja - aka She Who Lives Under The Table - adopted me. A stray I'd been feeding had a litter and most of the kittens either wandered off or were snatched up by neighbors. She came to the porch to eat with her mama but was very people shy for a long time. After a while, I'd find her waiting on the porch for me when I got home and it was quite a while before she'd let me touch her. One day, it was "fixin" to storm, getting cold with horrible winds. I saw her running around outside, scared, like "Where do I go? What do I do?" and she ended up coming inside.

As I've written about in other threads, she appears to be bipoloar and one of her new nicknames is PsychoBitch because she's lovey one minute and scratching you the next. Her pupils are usually very large and Flar says that's a sign of brain damage, often caused by heatstroke in kittens. She was born in the very hot Oklahoma summer and lived outside for her first three or four months, so maybe that's the problem. I'm not sure why we put up with her nonsense, but we do.

July 25th, 2003, 02:06 AM
My cats are 4 yrs old. They are Tuffy and YumYum. They were born in the wild and their mother was starving. We took them in and hand fed them. I believe they were about three weeks. They are still like our children.
Sedona is a shepherd-husky mix that we adopted from the Humane Society. Out of all the dogs there, she tried to protect us from all the others. If you have not guessed, she is the same colors as the rocks in Sedona, red, brown and tan.
Morgan is the big dumb one named after a pirate in a romance novel. I rescued him from a 3 ft by 3 ft cage where he and his six brothers and sisters were squeezed. They had no water or food and the feces had never been cleaned out. I also took a female named Heather (the lady the pirate loved) but she had a weak heart and did not survive long. At least she was happy.

~ Monk ~
July 25th, 2003, 02:11 PM
Let's see...

Bobalou was, unbelievably, a stray who was always looking for food on a golf course. This guy is so sweet, it blows my mind that someone could abandon him - it's possible he got outside and was lost, but he seems very unwilling to go beyond my front porch when the door's open so I'm not sure.

The manager of the golf course bar/restaurant hated cats and was planning on putting some posioned food out for Bobalou to eat so he could get rid of him. Needless to say, I grabbed him and brought him home with the intention of finding him a good home. Well, he found it - mine. I tried very hard not to get attached to him, but eventually he won me over. We bonded pretty quickly and now he's never far from me whan I'm home.

Samela's previous owner had to give her up when she moved to a place that wouldn't accept pets.

Jigs was a part of a little of kittens my Mom saved from outside. He was the only male in the bunch and he really stood out. He shied away from everyone else but me, so I took him in. He's still the same today - not mean, but he hasn't warmed up to anyone but me.

Flar's Freyja
July 27th, 2003, 03:35 AM
Possum - and yes, it is spelled correctly on his veterinary records as Opossum - came to us through a friend of Flar's and his best man at our handfasting, Oridian. He said that the little kitten followed him home and that he couldn't have another cat in his apartment in Dallas since he already had one. Flar knew that I would be bringing a kitten or two from a litter that a stray I'd been feeding had, but he said yes anyway. Oridian also told us that the kitten was a female. We had a name all picked out, Hazel due to the color of his gray markings and pretty eyes - and then I noticed that he was the girl with something extra. The markings on his face are very similar to an opossum's and he has this long pink nose, so that's how he got that name. We had to change the entire way we were relating to him........

On his last visit to us, Oridian let it slip that "the lady who gave him to me said..........." :eyebro:

July 27th, 2003, 01:42 PM
My kitty just sort of took up residence about a year ago. She just started hanging out in our garden, then just ran in the house one day when I opened the door and refused to leave. Can't say I mind as she is a beautiful silver tabby, very affectionate though full of mischief. She reminded me of an old friend of mine who's tag was razorbladekitten, and seeing as she loves to shred the curtains and my long velvet dresses with her claws, that's what we called her or razors for short.

Flar's Freyja
July 28th, 2003, 02:24 PM
Last is Groucho, my baby. A stray that I'd been feeding for two years had another litter. When she brought the kittens out, one got sick and died, and within two weeks they seemed to be disappearing one by one, including mama. All that was left was the two little tuxedos, and I tried to scoop them one one evening but couldn't catch them. The next day, the only one left was the runt, who was really quite ugly - scrawny with a big head. When he was the only one left, he was easy to snatch and I brought him inside. :T My son came in and said, "Oh no, you don't, I see that little SOB....." I brought him to Flar's (this was just about a year ago) and we worked on trying to find him a home. Flar took one look at his mustache, which is fatter on one side than the other and immediately named him Groucho after the famous Mr. Marks. It really does look like a big cigar!

Another one of Flar's best friends had one cat, also a tuxedo and we convinced him that Tuxie needed a playmate. He thought about it, and when he said "okay, I'll take him" ~ Flar and I were embarrassed to say that he couldn't have him because we'd gotten too attached!

He's grown into a beautiful cat. He's all muscle and loves to jump to catch his favorite toy - he's gone as high as five feet! Flar says he stops and poses in the air and smiles, and that he really jumps just for the sake of jumping.:boing:

July 28th, 2003, 03:32 PM
I was in the rest room at a large local store, while my then husband and kids waited for me. My husband was reading the "freebie" board in the foyer of the store while he waited.

I came out, and he pointed out an ad for a female himilayan cat, purebred, for $75. After we got home, I called about her... and we went to see her. She was a chocolate point, fur COVERED in mats everywhere, and skittish of men. We took her home... and she was mine. She was about a year old at that time. She's now 13 years old, health is failing, has arthritis, and rarely plays... but she loves me. She knows when I'm sad, and will sit on the arm of the couch next to me, put her paw out and pat my cheek. My heart melts every time.

Just before Christmas 2000, my then-husband and I went to the pet store to get cat treats and canned cat food for the two we had (my kitty, listed above, and his rotten feline imaginatively named "Cat"). There was a kitten there, the last of the litter, who was adorable. She's a standard tabby. I took her out of the cage, and put her on my chest, where she promptly put her head under my chin and fell asleep. She purred so loud she rumbled ME. Her name is Abby, and she's quite an independent personality.

When my roommate moved in a year ago, he had never had a pet of his own even though he was in his 30s. He wanted a cat. We went to the Humane Society to look around, and a certain goofy tortie kitten looked at him, and he was lost. She's the last, and youngest, member of our feline menagerie. Her name is Marble, but we usually just call her Kitten (even though she's not one anymore).

July 29th, 2003, 08:02 PM
My Great Dane came from an adoption home for "seniors" His name is Odie, the people who had him first kept him locked up in a 5x5 bathroom all the time and fed him a cup and a half of dog food a day. All this because he knocked over a knick-knack that was on the coffe table!!!! When the adoption lady called, Odie only weighed 100 lbs! He nows weighs 160! He is the biggest sweetest goofball ever and I don't understand how anyone could do that. He now takes over all three beds and both couches at his leisure. VERY SPOILED! But after living the last 5 years the way he did (danes only live 6-10 yrs) he deserves it.

My Lab came from the paper "free to good home " Lady was a gift to a friend of the person who had her. the friend had just lost a pet and wasn't ready for another.(lucky us!)

My cat Spooky came from my hubby's job she was a stray. After my hysterectomy I was REALLY moody!! He brought her home to cheer me up. It worked . As soon as I learn how to post pics I will.

July 30th, 2003, 09:35 PM
My first cat, Shadow, followed me home when I was six or seven. My mom was NOT interested in having a cat! But he won her over. :smoke:

He was a scrawny little kitten, his ribs were showing, the pads on his front paws were cut up and infected... but he was purring this HUGE purr, you could hear him from across the room! Soooo, my mom said she could at least feed him and treat his paws (she was a nurse in younger days), but she didn't like cats! She told him so, too - and then offered him "just a little more" food.

Somehow he ended up staying. :D

Shadow was an exceptional cat in too many ways to relate here. He made it to the grand old age of eighteen and a half. I'm 30 now and I still miss him.


My second and current kitty, Charlie, has been with me for almost ten years. I had just moved out of my parents' house and I had left Shadow with them since he was as attached to them as to me. So, I needed a cat in my life...

Well, a somewhat bedraggled stray had been hanging around my best friend's parents' place. One day he came into the kitchen and just laid down. He had a badly infected injury on his shoulder (the infection had gotten down into the bone) and I guess he was seeking help. They're suckers for cats, so they took him to a vet. He was treated and the the vet told them that he would have to be kept segregated from other cats while he was recuperating.

They didn't have the facilities to keep him separate from their other cats. However, my best friend noted that I was currently catless... :)

It was a match made in heaven. My little Charlie-monster has had a rather extensive (and expensive) medical history, but he has more than repaid it in love. I don't know what he went through before he ended up on that kitchen floor, but it must have been pretty heinous if his scars are anything to go by. Even so, he is one of the most good-natured and loveable cats I have ever met. Vet techs fall in love with him right and left. :D I am sooooo lame for this cat, I spoil him rotten.

He's (best guess) around 13 or 14 now, he's got ongoing medical issues (FIV+), he's moving quite a bit slower, but he's still got lots of love to spread around.


And no How We Got Them story would be complete without my husband's girls, Bit and Dusty...

A friend of mine spotted them living in the bushes in a busy shopping mall parking lot. I don't know if some bastard dumped them there or if their mother was feral and they were born there and then something happened to her... who knows? But they were very young, their eyes hadn't changed color yet.

So my boyfriend (now husband) and I decided to find them a home. The friend that spotted them in the first place expressed a willingness to take them.

It took a couple of weeks of bringing them food to get them to trust us. They were very skittish at first. The first time I reached out and gave Bit a little petting, she flinched back and HIIIIIISSSSED! Dusty wouldn't even let me touch her at all. Bit eventually started to like being petted and even played with me. Dusty did at least get used to having my hands near her.

Finally, we decided it was time for The Grab. We set up food like usual, waited until they were involved, and then I grabbed Dusty and handed her over to my sweetie. She promptly bit him. Then when things calmed down a little, I grabbed Bit. They both got put in a carrier and carted off to my sweetie's place.

Then, it turned out that the friend who was going to take them... couldn't. So my love got two cats. :D

That must have been five or six years ago. The girls are loved and happy. Miss Bit is a fearless little minx and tries to run things. Miss Dusty is still very shy and easily scared, but very lovey when she's comfortable. And they both get along with Charlie pretty well.

These days we're one big happy "blended" family.

Whew! What a lot of typing!

July 31st, 2003, 04:54 AM
I got my Gecko at a pet store. Which I probably won't do again. I'm pretty sure he was caught in the wild and that makes me said my next reptile will be a captive breed one for sure. I really enjoy my reptile alot though.

July 31st, 2003, 06:07 AM
hmm lets see
fiirst i had Pepe, a gorgeous white maltese terrier
i responded to a 'free to a good home' add
when i got there he was filthy and starving and they decided they didnt want to give him up!

so i went back the next day with doggy treats and stole him lol

i had him for 4yrs and he died just before christmas 3yrs ago . he was such a sweetie adored me but hated most guys lol tho at the time i was dating my now husband and pepe adored him!

we were petless for ~12 months after pepe died, then we went to the local dog shelter and found Mysty.
She is a sydney silky terrier and gets called bitchywitchy! as she rules the roost, tolerates me but adores dh!

we had had Mysty for about 10 months when i get a call from my mother that a stray sydney silky cross had wandered into her place starving so she had fed him. she couldnt keep him as her 2 big blue cattle dogs wanted to eat him alive and the fences wernt secure, so he could get out

so i go down and pick him up thinking i would just mind him for a few days till we found him a new home - to late
we fell in love with him. hes this gorgeous silver colour and we called him jessie, tho after having to get the yard refenced to keep him in we decided he should have been called harry houdini! belive it nor not this little dog will jump a 5 foot fence!

the 2 cockateils
gandalf was given to us by a friends boyfriend, he was only 8 weeks old and not been handled much, but with patience we got him to love being handled and flying around the house, with a pretty extensive vocabulary of words/phrases and wolf whistles! then we made the mistake of buying him a mate:

xena was bought at a bird show, it was the end of the day and we got her for $10 instead of $50
shes the warrior princess - bites everything!

now xena has taught gandalf the biting habit and we cant let him out of the cage at all!

we will be moving soon and we plan on putting up an avary and letting them breed and then hand raise one of the chicks to be an inside pet

the fish - i adopted from my mothers outside pond
they r three gold fish, called huey, duey and luey
i know orignial! lol

August 3rd, 2003, 12:53 AM
My first two 'I'm an adult, & I can have pets now' cats I got from a friend. She & her boyfriend were breaking up, & neither could have pets where they were moving to. I was supposed to have DeeDee & Sheena temporarily, until one of my friend could get a place that allowed pets. After about 8 months, I told my friend that I was used to the cats, & I was keeping them!
About 14 years later, a stray kitten started following me around the neighborhood. She kept trying to get in the house & would sit by the front door & howl. I finally got tired of her crying & let her move in with us. I named her Ramona.
About three years later, after DeeDee & Sheena had gone home to the G*d/dess, Ramona made it plain that she didn't like being an 'only cat'. I asked around at work, & found someone who had decided that since his kids were moving out, the cats had to go, too. I wanted one cat, but Cleo & Rajah came as a package, so I had three. Rajah became "Bubba". Miss Cleo went home to the G*d/dess a few months ago, so I share my home with two now.

August 19th, 2003, 11:40 AM
Hex has been with us since 1994 and was a present from an old boyfriend (his Christmas, my Yule). My daughter and I had recently lost a kitten and I mentioned that I wished for a black cat like the one I had in my youth.

He got her from the animal shelter. She was the only black kitten there at the time. As she is polydactyl I've always been glad that David happened onto her, it seemed like fate: Some people are cruel to black cats and I think Hex would have had it particularly hard.

Patch came to us when my daughter and I visited a Cat Show close to her birthday with an Ocicat in mind. We ended up with an American Shorthair because we both just fell in love. Patch is the queen of cute, but as a kitten she reminded most people of a Lemur. How could we resist?

We got Dru two years ago when we saw a feature on Japanese Chins on Breed All About It. Once again we fell in love and found a breeder in Tennessee on the net.

Hex and Patch have moved to California and back with us. Dru's the newest but I couldn't live without her now.

I'm grateful to have all of my furry people around.

August 20th, 2003, 02:14 PM
My little spoiled baby Neko was sort of a rescue. Her mother (Toth) was a stray who lived in my mother's garage. We always though that Toth was a he but boy were we wrong. After a few week Toth gave birth to kittens. She only had two because she was still a kitten herself. We fed and cared for the kittens while Toth was out. One kitten was black and white and the other was grey. The black and white kitten was always afraid of humans even though we spend hours out there with them. But the little grey kitten was practically fearless (which might not be a good thing). She would always meow and pur that she wanted attention. When the kittens got older my mother said they had to go so I begged dad to adopted both the kittens but he would only adopt one. Since there was already another cat at mom's named Tigger who wanted nothing to do with the kittens there was no where but the pound for Toth and the little black and white kitten. But since they were both so wild mom and I knew no one would want to adopt them. So after catching them in a cage trap we toke them out to an old abandon farm far from towns and highways and let them go. To this day I still don't know how there doing but little Neko and I are sure they're ok.

August 21st, 2003, 12:53 AM
The hubby and I just saved an eight year old dog from a kennel. She's fully trained, and very friendly. She's a lovely companion.
When we went to get a dog we were looking for a puppy, they had a lot of dogs. Mind you we needed someone that would get along with cats as we have four and it's been their home forever. We thought the puppy was cute, and then we also thought Nikita was nice. We walked out of the kennel to discuss which dog best suited us, and which dog we suited. Once we walked out of the kennel Nikita went outside into the her paddick out back and started crying... so this is what did it for us. She came home that day and I love her tons.
She's a cross between german shephard - collie - and we think she has husky as well. We found a week after we got her that her ears where really bad, she also got a blood bubble in her ear and we had to get her operated on (cost a pretty penny), but it's worth it as she is much more happier and comfortable now. The doctor says she will need ongoing care for her ears <drops 'n stuff>, and she may also have a blatter problem. We think this might have something to do with the reason she was first put in the kennel, also has to do with her breed. We love her and she loves us, it's great to have her as part of the family... even the cats are warming up to her!
That's my story of our new family member Nikita!


March 3rd, 2005, 10:16 PM
I found this thread and love it. Gives me a chance to share about my babies.
Cleo is huge lab/blue heeler/ dalmation mix dog. I got her when I was 17. My dad said go and look and if she seems like a good one bring her home. Well I went with my sister to look. The place was a dump and they didn't even know where she was. Outside or inside. I was shocked and then they brought her out and she looked horrid. I didn't even think about it, I grabbed her and told them I wanted her. They told me when she was born and I seen the parents and the conditions. It was sad. She had fleas very badly and almost died her first weekend with us from parvo. I spent the whole weekend sleeping with her on our front porch. Force feeding her pedialite. She survived and is my stubborn outdoor baby. I say stubborn because no matter what I've tried I can't make her like the indoors.
Artemis I got when I moved in with my now husband when I was 18. She was so fiestyand still is. We'll just say she deffinately took on the Artemis qualities. She was supposed to be mine but turned out to be his. She will allow me to pet her and toss toys around for her but that's about it. My husband could hang her upside down by her toes and she'd prrr like a kitten.

Raven, She was my aunt's kitty until my aunt was going to move to Canada and needed someone to watch her. My aunt never ended moving there and I kept the kitty. Raven turns out to be my familiar and guardian. I love her to pieces. I almost lost her last year to liver disease but with my tlc and stubborness she made it through. We are so in tune with each other it's eerie.

Iris, we just up and decided one day to add to our happy bunch. A lady at work was trying to get rid of some kittens so we drove out to her farm and my husband fell in love with this tiny little fluff ball. She was the size of my fist and now is HUGE. Not fat but big and fluffy. Her dad was a huge orange fluffy tom cat.

Sniffles we aquired just a couple months after getting Iris. A sickly nasty looking kitten showed up at my work one day. Nobody would take it. One lady finally did and then brought it back the next day because the cat was so grossly sick. I called my husband and he came and got her. I took her to the vet and got her meds. She had to be quarentined away from our kitties so we let her share the kennel in the garage with Cleo and she could go outside as she pleased. She slowly got better and I was trying to find her a home. I had called her Sniffles when I talked to her to get her attention. One day I came home from work and my husband had let her inside. That was it. We still have her. haha She can't meow because her illnesses ruined her little voicebox but in a way it's a good thing because otherwise she'd never shutup. She still trys and all that comes out is air. She turned out to be a little handful.

March 3rd, 2005, 10:35 PM
When my now ex boyfriend went on night shift, it meant that I would be spending a lot of time alone. I asked him if we could get a cat to keep me company. So we went to the local Humane Society to pick one out.

They had a few cats roaming around, and we picked up/petted a few to get a feel for whose personality was what. While we were filling out the preliminary paperwork, one cat came over and sat on the sheet I was writing on. I moved him, but he was insistent. I decided that he was the cat for me. The staff was a bit surprised, as he was pretty vocal and they'd had a hard time placing him because of it.

He was named Karma and has been my baby ever since. He's a blue, classic tabby. He's still vocal but very affectionate.

About a 8 months after adopting him, we had a visit to the vet and she mentioned that he could stand to be a little more active. Since I work days and the bf worked nights, we thought perhaps getting him a companion would keep him for being lonely and maybe get him moving. So we checked the local pet listings but couldn't find anything.

I was looking around online and came across an ad for kittens at an animal control center in a suburb of Dallas. We decided that we wanted to adopt one and I made the call. We drove two hours to go pick up the little grey ball of fuzz would be come to be known as Kismet (aka Kissa).

Kissa was Patrick's cat for about a year, but since being spayed she has become very close to me. Now that he and I are splitting up, they will both be moving with me into a new home soon.

Thus are the stories of Karma and Kismet.

Avalon's Blessings, ~Rhiannon

Black RiverWolf
March 4th, 2005, 12:47 PM
Was given to me by a friend whos dog had a litter of 10 and didn't want any of them. he had a bowed front leg. he is now going to be 6 and is my best friend and a spoiled Old man

Pheonix (I spell it that way)
Akita/Saint Bernard
I got from the same friend when he got loose. she used to let him fight witht the neighbor dogs cause she thought it was cute. but she didn't get rid of him for that. one day when he got loose he decided he wnated a romp with a Pure bred Lab. so I got him. He is Rivers Best bud


My roomate got him from some peole who rescud his mom and what remained of his litter. Only two survived. His mom was starved and had didtemper when they where born Dallas has deformed hips but is another spoiled Rottie/shepard


We got from a shelter. the lady that worked there changed her kennel tag to say american bull dog instead of what she really was to keep the county from putting her down. We fell in love and took her home she is going to be 4

Whistler and Persephone
Pittbull/ Rott/ Shepard

Skye and Dallas's pups that were born in my kitchen and in my hands. I had to pull them. Some thing that we were told pitts neverlet anyone do. Who knows.

Dallas son with a another one of our dogs that we placeed in a different home Pheobe. He was born in our living room and in the lap of my roomate.

Grade Horse

I bought him form a neighbor who didn't like him to much. he was drug from his trailer when the door that was not latched right came open and he fell out. he now has a huge scar and his left hind leg.

Mini Horse

We bought form a guy who admitted to beating him. for a long time we had to keep a 50 ft peice of rope tied to his halter before he learned that it was okay for him to trust us. he was way underweight when we bought him now hes a happy fat lil pny.

Quarter pony

Bought from the same guy as Jose' He belonged to his son who had out grown him.

Same Guy as above. she was supposedly bred. But now is miss attiude she threw my roomate who bought her who now has a giant fear of her. I can get on her and she listens same with my other roomate and some friends who knows.

Was born to my roomate at her trailer. was born with all kinds of problems but out grew them.


Adopted from Petsmart after bing there for like three months we couldn't take it anymore so we brought her home.

was a farm cat now a long haired spoiled cat

Farm cat now house cat

Was bornin our house all his other littermates died. thier mother was not taking care of them. he was dropper and bottle fed.

Angel and Akasha
The worms (Ferrets)

Akasha we got from a pet store Angel we got from a man who was giving her away cause he could no longer give her the attention that she needed.

Manx and Snickers
The guinieas

Roomates wento a pet store one dayy and the owner had to many and was giving them away so they brought home two.

Dwarf Bunny

Got from a pet store

Bob and Tom
tree frogs
Bob i got from a reptile swap for 8 bucks cause he had rubbed his nose raw. Tom my roomates caught on our front door

then theres fish but we bought all those.

March 4th, 2005, 03:29 PM
This is going to be a long list, so sit back with a cup of something warm. :lol:

1. Bolita (passed away) - our neighbor's cat had a litter and we got him
2. Diana (White German Shepherd) was dumped on the street with a litter of kittens, we were looking for a pup and our friend found her - 11 years later and she's still here with us.
3. Callie and Tiger - a man placed an ad in the local paper that he was going to euthanize them unless someone took them so we did and they are happy 10 year olds
4. Shy Guy (tuxedo cat) - we took Tiger to the vet and fell in love with Shy Guy who was up for adoption
5. Pookies - found her in a back yard she was only 3 weeks old
6. Limpy - fire house kitten who was injured - we were called and took her
7. Ebony (Doberman Pit mix) - I found her laying outside my fence, she had her throat cut - we fixed her up and have her
8. Oscar (shih tzu) - I found him running the streets - my mother fell in love
9. Pecita - I adopted her from a shelter after Bolita passed
10. Poe and Frost - a coworker of my bf's found them in Pennsylvania - they are lynx hybrids - we were to find them a home, and did, ours! :lol:
11. Minnie - I rescued her from a former boss who was abusing her
12. Maximus - Abyssinian - my bf was taking Pecita to the vet - he got out of his truck adn heard meowing - he looked in the woods by the vet's office and found him trapped and dumped in a carrier. The clinic paid to test him for FIV/FELV and let my bf take him
13. Coco and Sasha - adopted from kill shelter
14. Milo - adopted by accident - we went to donate stuff to the animal shelter and my sister fell in love
15. Mona - adopted from where we volunteer
16. Bleu, Gouda, Feta, and Brie (rats) - purchased from pet store
17. Mortimer (died a couple of days ago - Gerbil) - rescued from pet store
18 Peanut aka Hammie (hamster - passed away 5 years ago) - rescued
19 Cuddles and Muffin (gerbils - passed away 5 years ago) - rescued

they don't all live in the same house, my boyfriend has 10 of the cats, 1 dog, and the rats
my mom has the rest.
We also have fish, but we got them at a pet store.

March 4th, 2005, 03:43 PM
My two rotten heathens found me...

KhakiChino was born to a cat a neighbor of mine fed outside and when the neighbor moved he just left the kitten and took the cat. I came home from work one day and found him curled up at my front door so I took him inside. He immediately ran into my bedroom and curled up on my bed, I couldn't find him for a long time because he is a very pale beige tabby exactly the same shade as my Ralph Lauren Khaki Chino bed spread. Now he's gone from an underfed half pound runt to an enormous 22lb wad of attitude.

My other baby claimed me one hot July day while I was exiled in that hell called Mississippi. I was at a job interview one day and when I returned to my car it was about 8,000 degrees inside so I opened the door to let the hot air out and while I was sitting there collecting my thoughts a small black ball of fluff announced himself at my feet. I was in the middle of downtown parked on a busy street so I couldn't just leave him there. Of course I took him home. My husband came home from work for lunch. He's a military pilot so he was wearing his flight suit and steel-toed boots when he walked into the kitchen. I was sitting at the computer in the dining room with the kitten on my lap, immediately he ran into the kitchen hackles raised dancing sideways up to my husband hissing the whole time. My husband picked him up by the scruff of the neck, brought the howling ball of fur to his face - baby talked to it, then, still cuddling the kitten... demanded in his best stern voice to know where he came from. Needless to say, he was immediately part of the family. That night we had fish for dinner, and were sitting at the coffee table in the living room eating, my husband turned his back for a second and the black blur snatched his piece of fish. It took both of us to pry his little claws out of the piece of meat while he howled the whole time. (We don't feed the fur babies people food in my house... I know, we're mean) He's now my constant companion, complaining loudly if I don't take him everywhere with me.

March 4th, 2005, 06:27 PM
Libby was found on the road by someone who worked with my dad. She didn't have room for another dog and told my dad she was just going to take her to the animal shelter. My parents already had three dogs, but we're all big softies so they agreed to take her. She's a complete mutt with some type of spaniel in her, and from the moment she moved in she was mine. That's the only reason my parents ended up keeping her; I agreed to take care of her and to take her to live with me as soon as I had a place. She now lives with my husband and I.

Skif was adopted from the Humane Society. I had found a stray wondering around my college while I was dating my husband. I really missed Libby, so I called my boyfriend and asked if I could keep the dog at his apartment. He agreed, but when I got out of class the dog was gone. I was extremely upset and missed my other dog even more, so when my boyfriend got off work he took me to the Humane Society to try to cheer me up. We weren't going to get one, but we saw Skif. He's a beautiful lab/greyhound mix. He was a stray, didn't have a name and was starting to get kennel cough; I couldn't just leave him there.

We've been really lucky, both of our strays have turned out to be wonderful dogs.

Felis Sorror
March 4th, 2005, 10:22 PM
Well, where to start. At the beginning I suppose. Of the four pets I have now, Katarina is the oldest and wisest.

Katarina was my grandmother's cat when she was diagnosed with alzheimers and forced into an old folks home. My grandfather HATES cats, so we took her in. She's a long hair, decent sized too. Brown, black, and white.

Calie came along next. She showed up with her brother when we already had six kittens and a mommy to worry about around here. Calie, being the most adorable little calico I'd ever SEEN, got to be the lucky one who stayed. She's two now.

Then came Gracie. Ah, Gracie. She's an African Grey parrot. She belonged to a friend of my dad's, until that couple got divored. Gracie got the boot and came to live with us. She can swear better than more humans I know. >.>;

Lastly comes Lucie (Lucina, named for the Roman goddess of childbirth because we thought she was pregnant when we found her). She's a really big long haired grey cat, and very pretty. She was a stray that my mom found down by the highway.

March 5th, 2005, 05:00 AM
My hubby and I had thought about getting a dog for about a year or so. Next thing we knew,the couple that lives across the streets dog had 8 puppies. My hubby went over there to see them and they said "pick one out. They're free."

My hubby said "Baby ya gotta see this puppy who picked me!" I guess all of the puupies ran away from him except for one. Zoe went up and sat on his foot. That's how she picked us! My baby girl!
Blessed Be!

March 5th, 2005, 06:25 AM
Well I have so many! But I will tell three stroies, one is about a six toed cat, the other my 'free puppy' and the last 'my free horse'
My mom works for the Humane society, so I always see kittens cats and well you name it! Well about six months earler, I lost my beloved Kitten, (yes that was her name) I was hart broken for those six months and I didn't want another cat, well miss six toes had other ideas. It was an adoption day and this grey kitten paid no attetion to other people but when I would come and check the water she would run up to the cage and try and get my attention, well I ignored her atctions beacuse it is so hard to get close to one then have find it home. Well My Wise mother took this cat out of the cage and handed her to me and said "Jut hold her! she is a sweetie!" Well here we are in the middle of Petsmart, and I have this kitten sleeping in my lap like we were at home, guess what that kitten found her new home in my bed! Her name is Pippin and she has six toes and everyday she makes sure I know that she picked me!

My free dog, Well another day at Petsmart adopting out dogs and cats, and this big black man comes in to the store holding this tiny little puppy, he came up to me and said "SOMEONE DUMPED THIS THING IN MY YARD AN' I DON' WAN' IT!" He all but threw the puppy in my arms and left, I was 14 at the time, and here I was in the middle of the store with this puppy, so I took her to my mom and we got her some water. I thought origianly she would be for a friend of the family who was having some severe headaches and we thought it would be wounderful for him to have something to hold and snuggle with. Well this little dog never left my bed, my mom eould say "We have two dogs we don't need another one." And I came back with "But mom she's not the size of a dog she's more like a cat! think of her as a cat!" well I won and my free dog's name is Rhia, aka Jaws, she would chew everything!

Now it is my free horse, again I was 14, and I didn't have a good horse, I had a pony, but he was getting small, and I needed a horse but where to find one that isn't half a million dollars? well problems soved! Agian my mom and I were going up to Petsmart, and we stopped at a gas staion on the way up, there was a horse sale going on nearby so there were lots of people wearing the horse cloths in the gas station. Well this old sorta fat man, walked right up to me and said "you look like you would like a nice horse!" I was stunned, I wasn't even wearing horsie cloths! I said "Oh, umm what's he like?" at this point my mom comes up and starts to listien, this man said "I've got this old race horse, he's got clean legs got real nice clean legs!" (That means he has never been lame, for those non horse people!) Well my mom and I agree to come the next day to this mans farm to see this horse, I remember my mom saying "Don't get your hopes up, he might not be much." Well we wemt this was a small farm, with lots of horses. We walk in to the barn and the old man was there with his friends, and they show us "Wizzy" Well "Wizzy" Was a big blood bay, with the kindest eye I had ever seen, he was indeed a good horse. Well we take him out and I go to ride him, well 'Wizzy' hadn't been riding in a year, and when he bucked it was rather pittiful! it felt like a rocking horse! well 'Wizzy' came to our farm a week later, with a contract form his owner saying that "Golden Wisdom" was my horse, well I thought the name "Wizzy' sounded a bit like he was peeing all the time! So I changed it to 'Izzy' Well this horse was one of the best I ever had, and he was free!