View Full Version : Venus on Valentine's Day!

February 12th, 2001, 02:17 PM
As Venus travels around the Sun - she never ventures very far from this potent power. By being close to the Sun, Venus supports the Suns work in our charts. The work of the Sun in our charts and in our lives is for us to shine in our special way, and Venus aids this process tremendously.

I say this because Venus is about love the goddess Aphrodite - the golden goddess represents her in mythology, and she lights up the part in us that desire to shine. Venus is about love - not of motherly, nurturing love as shown by the moon, also not the love that seeks to blend with another as in

the boundless waters of Neptune. Venus is about us, the love that we seek to find, by being loved for who we are, as we are. This allows us to become

open to the creative forces of attraction and desire. Venus, unlike Jupiter,

who expands everything it touches, Venus draws things that we love towards

us. By loving ourselves, and accepting ourselves, we are building the foundation for our closest relationships to rest on. Venus does not ask for anything nor does she give, she simply is. Venusian love is the desire to seek becoming fulfilled by uniting with another individual, teaming up with someone she finds attractive and desirable. In this unification she hopes to attract that which she desires and finds beautiful to herself.

The signs of Taurus and Libra share the ruling of the planet Venus.

Naturally the second house and the seventh house are important places to look toward, should you seek to uncover her golden rays. These houses and signs are most important to the energy of Venus, are also the areas in life that are highlighted by these signs being - relationships, creativity, pleasure and of course beauty. Venus will express herself through the coloring of the house and sign placement in each individual horoscope and she may demand her expression if she is not allowed to shine sufficiently in our lives.

Since we are celebrating Valentines Day. I see the perfect time for each of us to examine and think on our closest personal relationships. Now we have the golden opportunity to express our attraction to the special people we have in our lives or would like to begin a special relationship with. By asking someone we find special to be our Valentine, we may be opening up a channel to bring Venus so beautifully into our lives. What a wonderful place to start.

for learning purposes only. credits to Ingrid Theodoridis