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Dria El
June 15th, 2001, 07:23 AM
Birth of Freyja

The Norse Vana-Goddess Freyja was very important to the welfare and existence of the Gods. This went far beyond her aspect as a fertility goddess, for there was a long series of battles between the Gods and the Giants over Freyja. Freyja had many names: Syr, Lady, Great Goddess, Mardoll (She who shines over the sea). She was the sister of Freyr and the daughter of the sea god Njord.

Myths hint at her marriage to a mysterious god named Od who disappeared. Although Freyja is linked closely with the powerful Odhinn, she is not his wife, nor the wife of any god. When she weeps, her tears fall as drops of gold; when the tears fall into the sea, they become amber. Her magickal cats, Bygul (Bee-gold, honey) and Trjegul (Tree-gold, amber), pull her chariot, but she also has a battle-boar (Hildisvini) which she rode. She owns the necklace Brisingamen and keeps half of the slain warriors in her hall.

Freyja is the mistress of cats, leader of the Valkyries, a shape-shifter, and the Sage or "sayer" who inspires all sacred poetry. Thirteen is her number and Friday her day. Her special magick seidr was primarily women's magick, a type of shamanism and prophecy. Some myths hint that the runes were hers long before Odhinn gained them.

Freyja has power over love, beauty, animals, sex, cats, childbirth, fire, horses, enchantments, witchcraft, gold, wealth, trance, jewelry, wisdom, foresight, magick, luck, long life, fertility, the Moon, the sea, death, music, poetry, and protection.

To petition Freyja for aid in developing psychic talents and performing magick, anoint a green candle with juniper or pine oil, working from the wick to the bottom. Wear a necklace or pendant of amber in honor of Brisingamen; or at least hold a piece of amber in your hand. Wear a green robe or one with green in it. Sit in a comfortable chair where you will not be disturbed. Chant:

She-Falcon! The Moon sails through the trees.
Freyja! I call the weeper of gold!
Lady of Sorcery! I stand before you unafraid.
Keeper of Brisingamen! Reveal to me secrets of knot and braid.
Freyja! Moon Goddess! Queen of the Valkyries!
Give me the key to deep magicks.

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel your body relax. Before you will be a brilliant door of light. Visualize yourself walking through it. You are in Freyja's hall of Asgard. The goddess is sitting on her throne. There is a stool at her feet. She beckons to you, and you walk down the hall to sit on the stool. Spend as much time as Freyja allows talking with her and listening to her wisdom.

When you are dismissed, return through the door of light to your physical body. Breathe deeply again. Then repeat the chant and thank Freyja for her help.