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June 23rd, 2001, 10:08 AM
This may sound like a kind of goofy request, but here goes. I love to read books by Nora Roberts. In several of her books that I have read, she has had characters in her books about men and women who were "good witches" and how they were so in tune with, it seems like, everything. The skies, the earth, they just seem like such neat people. How can I learn, if I can, to be like that? Is there a way I can learn to be more like that? If so, how do I start and with what do I start with? Thanks for any help I can get!!!!!!!

June 23rd, 2001, 12:34 PM
Maybe someone needs to move this to New Pagans?

June 23rd, 2001, 12:52 PM
Do I post this question on the new pagans? I don't have a clue, so that's why i was asking. I don't know if I'm supposed to or will someone put it there for me? Sorry, I'm just not familiar with this computer stuff all the time.

June 23rd, 2001, 01:03 PM
No big. :) Someone'll move it for ya. :)

June 23rd, 2001, 01:41 PM
I'm sure someone will move it, eventually, but in the meantime go to witchvox.com. They have a great big basics section and lots of links.
And by the way...Welcome and merry meet!

June 23rd, 2001, 03:17 PM
Thanks for the help and info!

June 23rd, 2001, 03:21 PM
You have found the porch and we offer you a comfy-couch thingie for you to sit , compliments of Kaylara. Bluecat or, Gunner (sombady anyway) will be along with refreshments shortly.

Again, welcome. And don't feel bad about what and where you post. We'll get it.


Sunday's Child
June 23rd, 2001, 07:07 PM
Hi Annie, here's an example of someone new to the community and I can say that everyone in here seems really nice and willing to help you out any way they can.. Just read and ask lots of questions.What better way to learn?

June 25th, 2001, 12:59 PM
Welcome, annie!!:cool:

I see you have been well greeted and offered comfort. Help yourself to some lemonade or tea, there are also other refreshments.

You will find plenty of folks here who can help you with your path. The big difference about being a "good witch" or a "bad witch" is really the same as being a good person or a bad person. The choices you make in your life define what you are, we all see that happening everyday. :)

Stick around the place and see what you can learn.

Blue :cool:

June 25th, 2001, 10:12 PM
Well spoken, Blue.

Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch? Which Witch?


June 26th, 2001, 12:29 AM
Originally posted by rantnraven
Well spoken, Blue.

Are you a Good Witch, or a Bad Witch? Which Witch?


Well, that house DID land on my second cousin. :D

Blue :D

June 29th, 2001, 05:38 PM
I'm hoping to be a good witch. But I'm sure I'll have moments when I'm not so good.