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June 28th, 2001, 04:07 PM
The Pagan Law Project
file updated June 26, 2001

What we're doing:

Gathering information on laws in all states (including the local levels) and on the federal level that are specific to the Pagan Bill of Rights and/or of concern to Pagans in general. Some of these topics may include: posting of the ten commandments in schools, fortunetelling regulations, prayer in schools, federal funding for religious based organizations and school vouchers. We are not only focusing on the negative, keep in mind. Any positive laws
should also be gathered.

We are then taking this information and creating a database organized by state and by topic so those concerned with their religious freedoms can easily research these laws.

How we're doing it:

In the first step of the project we are researching by state. You
can see who is doing what at the database section http://groups.yahoo.com/database/PUCResearchCommittee under 'Law Project'. [ed note: this database should be available to those not on this list] Most researchers have chosen to research in their state of residence because of offline resources available. This is not necessary however - simply pick
a state (it does *not* matter how many others are already researching there, but it does help the project as a whole if you choose a vacant state). Members will research their state(s) and then send their information to the Research Director (shannon@paganunitycampaign.org) who will then organize it
and hand it off to the data entry managers.

Data entry managers are needed. If you have skills in data entry and are detail oriented please send an email to the Research Director (shannon@paganunitycampaign.org) with the subject title 'Data Entry'. This is a very important position within this project.

Please take a look at the file keywords.txt in this folder (Law Project under 'Files') to get you started with search keywords if you would like.

How to send in data:

Please send information in either .doc or .txt format (.doc is preferred) to shannon@pagaunitycampaign.org

Please send your information in this format:

Identifying Bill Number
Title of Bill
URL (if any - this should be the direct URL to the text)
Offline reference (if any)
Federal/State (indicate which State)
Full text of bill

How can I become involved?:

Just pick a state and post to the list and/or e-mail
shannon@paganunitycampaign.org that you would like to work on that state. If no one is listed for that state in the database you will be added in short order and you can feel free to get started. If someone is listed for your state please contact that individual and work together. This is just to avoid
duplicating someone else's work - there's definitely enough work to go around!

I have a question!: Feel free to post any questions to the list
PUCResearchCommittee@yahoogroups.com or email the Research Director at shannon@paganunitycampaign.org