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November 25th, 2003, 01:02 PM
I have tried some of these, and they are great!! Again, wonderful gifts for Yule....

Various Potpourri Blends

Experiment making your own potpourri blends. In general, mix 4-6 different flowers and leaves and 3-4 herbs and spices to make a botanical blend. You'll need about 2 cups fixative for 4 cups of dried materials. Add one or more essential oils to the fixative drop by drop to simply moisten, not saturate, the fixative. Here are just a few of the many fragrant blends you can make.

Rose Blend
This distinctive perfume of rose oil is mixed with a fixative of orris root, then blended into a combination of rose petals, yellow pansies, myrtle, purple statice, and red pepperberries.

Winter Blend
This is a spicy and woodsy potpourri that uses calamus root as the fixative, bayberry oil, and a blend of purple delphiniums, seed pods, white gompherena, and cedar chips or shavings.

Almond Blend
A hint of almond is achieved when bitter almond oil is added to an oak moss fixative and blended with woodland mix of honesty pods, white gomphrena, bits of bark, and gold sprayed leaves.

Strawberry Blend
Orris root is the fixative for this potpourri of myrtle, white gomphrena, rose petals, and rose hips. Strawberry oil mixes with the natural scent of the roses to create a strong and pleasing summer fragrance.

Spice Blend
Cinnamon oil and calamus root fixative serve up the spice that makes a nicely piquant potpourri filled with a mix of textures and exotic blossoms of yellow static, cockscomb, myrtle, hibiscus, orange rind, and juniper berries.

Lavender Blend
The sweet, long-lasting scent of lavender makes a good base for many potpourris. Unless the dried lavender has a particularly strong scent, add lavender oil to an oak moss fixative to add depth to the fragrance. Then mix with lavender, myrtle, blue static, and rosebuds for a richly scented traditional potpourri.

November 26th, 2003, 08:33 AM
is oak moss literally the moss that grows on oak? or do you have to buy it in a flower shop?
thanks for these! :bubbles:

November 26th, 2003, 08:40 AM
is oak moss literally the moss that grows on oak? or do you have to buy it in a flower shop?
thanks for these! :bubbles:
We-ellll....I had no idea, so I did an internet search, and it actually led me back to here, in the archives...


hope this helps...


November 26th, 2003, 09:01 AM
well the links to the pics don't work, but i'll try and look it up on google. cheers. :D