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December 4th, 2003, 02:39 PM

Monkeys can manage mathematics. Dolphins can be decisive. But US psychologists have broken new ground in the animal intelligence challenge. They have proved that animals are also smart enough to join the "don't-knows".
It means that animals, like humans, may be capable not just of thinking, but of thinking about thinking, of knowing that they don't know. Psychologists call this "metacognition", evidence of sophisticated cognitive self-awareness. Ordinary mortals know it as "dithering".

December 4th, 2003, 06:34 PM
I knew that aleady lol. but it is nice to know that I have some proof now and everyone wont think I crazy!

December 4th, 2003, 08:33 PM
Along the same lines but a little different is a book Called When Elephants Weep It's about anthropomorphism in animals and the arguements that animals don't feel emotion throughout the scientific community.

Also there is the that elephat that paints (can't remember her name)
And The Gorilla that signs and communicates with humans (And for some apparent reason my mind is not working)

December 5th, 2003, 05:29 AM
I wish they had said what the relative consequences of the three choices were. After all couldn't verbally tell the animals it was a don't know choice -- the animals must have gone by consequences. Why report a study and leave out the most important facts?

Starry Di
December 8th, 2003, 09:13 AM
That's really cool! :D I've always thought that my kitty could think :$ I wonder if they're also telepathiclly in tune with us?