View Full Version : How do I tell them?

December 16th, 2003, 09:35 PM
I'm sure this has been covered at least once, but I couldn't find any threads at a glance.

Simple dilemna.
Parents= born-again Christians.

I've lived on my own for two years now. My parents have been extremely generous, with both their love and their finances. They're paying for a major part of my schooling and are always happy whenever I come home to visit.

I've been pagan for...I'd say, about four years now. I've kept it from them for this long. But I feel from time to time like unless my parents know what I believe, I won't feel like I've completely committed myself to this path.

My fears are:
a) They'll disown me, and refuse to speak to me, or let me see my siblings (I'm the oldest)
b) They'll pull their financial support and I'll be able to attend school in the near future, and have to go deep in debt.
c) They'll be unaccepting of my beliefs, always trying to "convert" me, and taking suspicion at everything I say.

I would reply appreciate advice. Thanks

December 16th, 2003, 11:05 PM
It looks like telling them will be a loose-loose situation...disretion here will be the best idea...it'll take them a while to catch on if you simply avoid the topic and when you can...arrive monday morning and leave saturday afternoon...and be respectuful of them at all times. Telling them will only hurt them and cause pain and shame all around.

When you are self supporting you can be a bit more open about your feelings, I am 37 and my parents are "free thinking" christians and I have never told them because I saw no reason to start a needless fight or have them think of me as a fluffy bunny...