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July 13th, 2001, 11:01 AM
I have also recently read a lovely book by John O'Donohue entitled Anam Cara. It is, in my belief, a wonderful book about Christian mysticism, from a celtic perspective. While yes, many of the themes do bend TOWARD Christian beliefs, it also does not shove any dogma at you. Anam Cara is a term in Gaelic which means..."Soul Friend". The book explains a great deal about our ability to heal our own emotional wounds, and needs...in context of being our own "Soul Friends". It also has a great deal to say on the importance of relationships, and friendships. In short, it is a book with a very positive message. One of healing, and of wisdom. While I reiterate the fact that it is written from a Celtic Christian perspective, the sources O'Donahue quotes are multi-background. He quotes from the classic philosophers, as well as pagan mythos. Very fascinating, very interesting. I highly reccomend this one, as well.