View Full Version : Jupiter enters Cancer: getting happy

July 16th, 2001, 01:50 PM
credits to L. Edmond/ for learning purposes only:

Jupiter's orbit takes 12 years to complete and so Jupiter spends approximately a year in each sign. Jupiter's last visit to Cancer was 1989-1990 and is from July 12, 2001 through August 1, 2002. This is an auspicious event because Jupiter is *exalted* in Cancer, meaning that Jupiter works especially well in Cancer. Let's break it down to see how well and why.

Jupiter, named for the chief god of the Romans, and formerly Zeus to the Greeks, has long been considered *the great benefic* and like a gift from the gods, works to give us whatever we need, to grant our wishes, and to protect and provide us with more wealth, encouragement, and optimism for the future. And this protection and security is what makes Jupiter feel so at home in nurturing Cancer. But this placement can also make us so happy and fat that we don't really care about doing anything too tough or challenging, or so optimistic that you take on every opportunity that comes your way, which can get exhausting.

Next, we need to look at Cancer and Cancer's ruler, the Moon. If you're a Cancer, or wherever you have Cancer or the Moon in your chart, is where you'll be making the most progress, expanding the farthest, and enjoying the greatest success in the year ahead. The Moon in astrology symbolizes what is basic and automatic, what is most deeply ingrained and rooted in you. It's your past, your family, your home, your body. Anything that contains, holds, or provides your basic security is the domain of the Moon. The most obvious effect of Jupiter in Cancer can be a move to a larger home, but it will also provide us with greater awareness and respect for basic human values, for whatever protects and sustains us. It's not just a bigger house, car, or family it's the kind of building materials you use, the Earth-friendly products you purchase, and the way you take care of your home, family, land, and the Earth itself.

As Jupiter enters Cancer, it is conjunct Mercury (Mercury enters Cancer just over an hour before Jupiter and is still at 0 degrees Cancer at Jupiter's ingress). Business, too, will become more personal-conscious. It's not just a corporation, it's the people who create it and set the tone. The businesses that put more emphasis on human concerns and values will prosper greatly in the year to come.