View Full Version : msn messenger is my addidiction!

March 3rd, 2004, 03:22 AM
in an effort to get to know some more of you while i trapse my way though all of these forums, i'm wondering how many of you use msn messenger?

well, if you do and are looking for someone else to chat to about anything - pagan ways, crap movies, what kind of shoes you are wearing, how little christina aguilera *is* wearing, or what kind of band you'd like to be in - then please feel free to add me to your msn list!

oh, i also do chat about normal things. i'm not *totally* crazy. just mostly. :hehehehe:

you can add me by using my email of glam_metal_girl@hotmail.com

see you online, and please, don't be shy! i don't bite. just a little nibble, i swear is all.

love sorcha xxx

March 3rd, 2004, 04:05 AM
Sounds like a fun time! It's always nice to have friends online!

Eclectic Celt
March 3rd, 2004, 05:54 PM
merry meet!
i'm addicted to mw and trying to keep up with all my posts is a major task! :lol:
i'm also hooked on msm if u want to chat send me a pm and then i will let u no my details! :lol:
merry part and blessed be!

March 3rd, 2004, 10:52 PM
u are officially added