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July 19th, 2001, 01:10 PM
I just got this in my e-mail...

>They will probably shut me down for this But I feel compelled to inform as many people as posable, it may save a patriots life!
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>Dear Friends and Supporters,
>This is the most important and urgent message that I have ever sent to
>the Freedom Above Fortune email list. By the time that you receive
>this message, at least two men will have begun a fast in order to bring
>attention to the failure of U.S. Government officials to discuss and
>debate the serious allegations of fraud and use of illegal enforcement
>tactics regarding the federal income tax.
>As those familiar with our efforts are aware, Robert (Bob) Schulz has
>headed a successful effort to expose the refusal by U.S. Government
>officials to rebut clear and convincing evidence that the federal income
>tax was fraudulently conceived and has been illegally enforced. The
>refusal of these officials to defend their conduct and the legality of
>federal income tax collection and enforcement actions against Americans
>across this nation becomes all the more suspicious and indefensible now
>that they have deliberately ignored numerous opportunities to provide
>this defense in public forums held at the National Press Club in
>Washington, D.C. Beginning Sunday, July 1st, 2001, Bob Schulz, joined by at
>least one other American, will begin a fast that will last until the IRS
>agrees to send their best experts to a final public forum scheduled for
>September 18, 2001.
>I met Bob Schulz in March, 1999, shortly after my resignation from the
>IRS Criminal Investigation Division. He invited me to speak on his New
>York radio show about my efforts to get my superiors at the IRS to
>respond to serious legal and constitutional questions that had resulted
>from my own investigation and research. Bob had spent decades fighting
>corruption and unconstitutional actions by New York local and state
>officials but he was not familiar with the overwhelming evidence against the
>federal income tax. Like me, he was swayed by the sheer veracity and
>magnitude of the evidence against it. Bob thought surely that federal
>government officials would want to defend their actions, especially
>given the fact that millions of Americans had been subjected to seizures of
>their property by the IRS. Bob provided those officials with multiple
>opportunities at the National Press Club forums mentioned above.
>The urgency of the failure of government officials to answer these
>serious allegations about fraud and abuse of American citizens can not be
>overemphasized. Bob would not have taken this step unless he realized
>the urgency of exposing for all Americans to see a federal government
>that offers no defense for its conduct.
>I know Bob to me a man of impeccable character and integrity. He is a
>man with a conscience. Although I am very concerned about the effects
>to Bob's health and welfare, I can only conclude that he has made this
>decision after much thought, reflection, and prayer.
>My request to you is not to forget about Bob. Starting July 1st, this
>man will begin to experience a physical hunger that will affect many of
>his thoughts and deeds over the next two and one-half months. This
>physical hunger has characteristics similar to the cognitive hunger Bob
>has experience since learning of the government's suspicious refusal to
>address the questions of illegal enforcement of the federal income tax.
>The attachment to this email provides specific things you can do so
>that Bob's efforts will not be in vain. Please do as many of them as you
>can and please tell your friends and relatives to do the same. If each
>person commits to telling ten people to tell ten people to tell ten
>people about this struggle, the results will be enormous. Visit
>http://www.givemeliberty.org for more details.
>In addition to periodic daily fasts, I plan to fly my American flag
>every day from July 1st until the IRS responds to our request for a
>dialogue. I plan to the put the initials "W.T.P." on the flag-pole and in
>the rear window of my car. "W.T.P." stands for the "We The People." Bob
>chairs an organization called "We The People Foundation for
>Constitutional Education." Bob has worked very hard over the past decades and
>will be enduring tremendous pain and suffering because of his commitment
>to "We The People" and the rule of law. Don't let Bob take on this
>burden all by himself. Together, we can restore integrity and fairness and
>have a government that will protect our rights and preserve our freedom
>rather than devise schemes to subvert our rights and reduce our
>Joseph R. Banister
>Freedom Above Fortune
>The Execution Of Robert Schulz
>On Sunday, July 1st, Robert Schulz, a leading advocate for lawful
>government for over twenty years, will be in Washington, D.C., fasting. He
>will fast either until he dies or until the IRS agrees to send experts
>to a public forum to refute evidence of researchers from the Tax Honesty
>Movement as to their allegations of the unconstitutionality of the
>federal income tax system, and its unlawful enforcement. To date, the IRS
>has abdicated its duty to the People of this nation by refusing to
>respond to any of this evidence - all of which is based on
>independently-verifiable historical and legal research and empirical data.
>Read about what one powerful newspaper publisher has just said about
>Robert Schulz' hunger for the truth - and the need for citizens to
>immediately contact the President, their ongressmen, and the media.
>1. PHONE THE PRESIDENT. He has a "Comment Line", which tells citizens
>"your call is important to the President", and eventually connects you
>to a real person. The phone number is (202) 395-3000.
>2. WRITE THE PRESIDENT. His fax number is: (202) 456-2461. His mailing
>address is: The White House, Washington, D.C. 20500.
>3. E-MAIL THE PRESIDENT. His e-mail address is
>president@whitehouse.gov. This is definitely NOT the best way to reach him, but it should be
>included as part of an overall strategy of covering all bases.
>The easiest way is to go to the website:
>http://capwiz.com/washtimes/home. Under "Elected Officials", fill in
>your zip code and all contact information appears: phone numbers, fax
>numbers, mailing addresses, and e-mail links. Again, do NOT rely solely on
>e-mail to get your message through.
>The easiest way is to go to the website:
>http://capwiz.com/washtimes/home/. Under "Guide to the Media", fill in
>your zip code and the various publications in your area and beyond will
>appear from which you can access the necessary contact information,
>including for Letters to the Editor.
>Following is an editorial from the current issue of New York's Suffolk
>Life, a weekly newspaper that is mailed to 576,000 homes every week.
>The full article is included here for your convenience, or you may view
>it in your browser at this address: