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July 20th, 2001, 05:12 PM
ok, so i'm shy when it comes to my religion...
i've only 'come out' to several people i'm close to, and that doesn't mean family.

i can't practice the ways i want to because i still live with my parents (even tho i am starting college in late august...)

i was just curious how everyone else went about expressing themselves freely when it comes to their religion?

July 20th, 2001, 05:17 PM
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July 20th, 2001, 06:07 PM
I wonder if there is any need to 'come out' as such, to tell everyone you're a pagan or whatever. Can't it just come out naturally, if and when the subject comes up?
Your religion is a personal issue, it's your own thoughts, your own way of living and your own view of the world and why we're here.
In the past I've found that there are few occassions where religion is discussed, but if anyone has ever asked what religion i am , i just tell them i'm pagan, and usually have to explain what that means to me.
If they don't like it, fine, they're entitled to their opinion. But it's their problem, not mine, and i've never seen a need to justify my belief, it's not their business.
Religion was never discussed when i was a child, it played no part in my parents life. But i'm sure that if i'd ever told them i was pagan, my dad would've just muttered something about "long haired layabouts" (his usual description of my friends) and mum would've agreed with him.
I don't think it makes much difference what age you are. Your religion is inside you, it doesn't need to be broadcast, but that's not saying it should be hidden. If parents don't like it, what can they do about it? They can't change your thoughts, and they can't change the fact that you will soon grow up and away from them and their influence. You just need a bit of patience.

July 21st, 2001, 11:55 AM
i guess that's basically what i've been doing. just randomly telling people when the occasion arises. other people than my family i feel more comfortable with tho. i've never been close to my parents in that way. hopefully someday i will.

i'll go read that other post now tho :)