View Full Version : anyone use rune cards?

March 30th, 2004, 05:20 PM
Does anyone else use rune cards? --a book was shared with me, "The RuneCards" by R.H. Blum, [publ. 1989, rev.ed.1997, St Martin's Press, NY] with accompanying set of cards -- my introduction to reading runes and now that I've learned a little more, still my favorite. I know some prefer briefer, more traditional interpretations (and are skilled in putting them together in a coherent reading), but I find the lyrical interpretations in this little book speak most strongly to my inner Self and they have never yet failed to be an accurate description of my journey along the Path, helping my see myself clearly and pointing in the direction of growth.

I don't use them for foretelling the future as much as for forth-telling the present (the future, after all, is not fixed but infinite, unfolding according to the choices that are made in the here and now, choices we all make though only some are consciously made, with awareness and purpose; other choices we stumble upon randomly as we sleepwalk through life -- the trick is to increase the choices made with wise awareness, a lifetime's job... but I'm rambling.) The cards, as I read them, don't tell me what will happen but how to be...

For someone like myself who hasn't spent years working with the runes, the cards have been very helpful. More than mere tools, they're a doorway. (The more I use them, the more intuitively I see meanings and connections without simply relying on the book, which is how I think they're meant to unfold...)

Thoughts, anyone?

April 4th, 2004, 05:54 PM
I actually have a deck of these.... somewhere. Hmm. I think they're a great tool for beginners. :) And I used to take them out and look at them and do readings with them once in awhile... but I much prefer my runes now. :)

Interesting... now I'm going to have to go and try to find them! :lol: