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July 27th, 2001, 06:57 PM
Has anyone here listened to Emerald Rose "Freya Shakti"
The song is so great even my kids sing it around the house. get it free at mp3.

August 1st, 2001, 03:50 AM
Yes-- I love this song!! A question-- who exactly are the Goddesses mentioned? I'm hearing this: Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Reanna, Rhiannon, the Morrigan.

But I think I might be mis-hearing. Any thoughts?

August 1st, 2001, 12:01 PM
you are correct except you missed maat.
Freya, Shakti, Hathor, Reanna, Rhiannon, maat,the Morrigan.

August 1st, 2001, 09:27 PM
Ah! Thanks! :D:D

August 1st, 2001, 10:31 PM
:D No prob. :D

August 1st, 2001, 10:48 PM
Thanks for the post! I downloaded it, and it's a great song!

Red Stag
August 2nd, 2001, 04:35 AM
I love all of their music thay have a cd on sale ant mp3.com that is just there pagan music . My daughter and I always dance when we play it . It's like it grabs your heart and makes you dance. go to Emerald Rose web sight and listen I think the words to the songs are there too.:)

Mariposa De La Luna
August 2nd, 2001, 11:05 AM
The lyrics are on www.emeraldrose.com My daughter likes to sing it around the house too.

Freya Shakti is great to use in a healing ritual.

August 2nd, 2001, 03:30 PM
Thanks for posting the website. :D