View Full Version : Folkow the Sun: III/IV

July 28th, 2001, 11:46 PM
Three months after your birthday, it's a different story. At Phase Three of your annual Solar Cycle the Sun Is squaring your Natal Sun at a 90-degree angle. You may actually feel like you're "squaring off" against something or someone at this time every year. Phase Three is often experienced as a time of crisis because the worthiness of the journey you began back at Phase One--on your birthday--is being challenged on an inner level. Something's wrong and only you can provide the solution to the problem. We can compare Phase Three to stormy seas, when you have to work very hard just to stay on course. You may discover now that you don't even like the direction your ship is heading! But whether you like it or not, you'll probably be required to make an inner adjustment to outer circumstances during Phase Three.

Four months after your birthday the Sun trines your Natal Sun from 120 degrees away. You should experience this time of year as one of relative ease--like the calm after the storm of Phase Three, which may have triggered a crisis. Ideally, what you should do at Phase Four is gear up for the opposition of the Sun to your Natal Sun in the next phase. If you don't make the necessary corrections to your life's direction during Phase Four when you're experiencing relative ease in most situations, you may discover at Phase Five--the Sun's annual opposition to your Natal Sun, two months ahead--that you're hopelessly off-course.

Unfortunately, we all tend to slack off a bit at the sextiles and trines of the Sun to our Natal Sun. The calm seas, so non-threatening, lull us into a false sense of security. As you'll see, however, a good skipper always scans the horizon for possible danger ahead.