View Full Version : Follow the Sun: V/VI

July 28th, 2001, 11:47 PM
Six months after your birthday at Phase Five, when the Sun is 180 degrees away from your Natal Sun--in opposition to it, things come to a head. This is the culmination of your annual Solar journey. If you're been on course all along, you'll experience the payoff as you pull into port and perhaps deliver your cargo to a waiting recipient. In Astrology, any opposition between two heavenly bodies symbolizes having to work things out with others, either cooperatively, or competitively.

On the other hand, you may discover to your dismay at Phase Five that you aren't anywhere near where you thought you were headed! Maybe you didn't make the easy adjustments during Phases Two and Four, or maybe you didn't recognize the nature of the collision course you were on at Phase Three. If that's so, your whole journey, in terms of what you wanted to accomplish may have to be aborted at Phase Five.

This time of year, at the opposition of the transiting Sun to your natal Sun is when you get your just desserts for what you set out to do on your birthday and what you've accomplished along the way. Sometimes you have to start over and head for new ports at this time--six months after your birthday. It's all up to you. You've been at the helm of your life, after all. No one else is responsible for where you've arrived!

I should also point out that Phase Five in your annual Solar Cycle can just as easily be experienced as a time of great accomplishment, if you've been paying attention to where you were going all along and making the necessary adjustments to outer circumstances and the demands of other people.

Most of us experience each alternative at some point in our lives--either the triumphs or the failures at the halfway point of our annual journey, which is part of a much bigger process called life! In life we seem to learn the most from our failures, don't we? Those we remember! It's the successes we tend to forget. We need to develop the habit of congratulating ourselves when we succeed in arriving at the port we set out for!

Eight months after your birthday you arrive at Phase Six of your annual Solar Cycle. This is another trine as the Sun is only 120 degrees away from returning to your Natal Sun. Symbolically, you're headed back to home port now. This is another chance for you to reap the rewards you've earned along the way. Think of this time as the first calm seas after Phase Five.

If you experienced success at Phase Five's opposition things will appear ship-shape now. You really should be scanning the distant horizon again, considering what direction your next journey will take. There's never a moment to be complacent, although if there were one, this would be It. You should experience Phase Six as a relatively calm period, satisfying and fulfilling, in most years.