View Full Version : Follow the Sun: VII/VIII

July 28th, 2001, 11:48 PM
Oh, boy! Here's that rainy day again! The last square to your Natal Sun, nine months after your birthday. At Phase Seven, the transiting Sun is again 90 degrees away from the Sun in your Birthchart on its way back to home port. Challenge, once more, is all around you in the form of sudden, unexpected squalls.

The first square to your Sun back at Phase Three offered an inner challenge to your journey's direction; the challenge of Phase Seven's square is more outward as it reminds you to complete what you started; see it through to the end. Often someone in a position of authority draws your attention to this challenge. You're already beginning to realize that your annual journey will soon end and that other voyages await. You're beginning to detach yourself from this excursion, already longing for the uncharted waters of the daring escapade you want to embark on with your next birthday.

In any case, the stormy seas accompanying Phase Seven's last square to your natal Sun will eventually end and it'll seem smooth-sailing once more as you reach Phase Eight of your solar cycle. The Sun again forms a sextile to your Natal Sun ten months after your birthday. This is another period of relative stability in your annual journey.

You're within sight of shore now, and can easily begin making preparations for the next adventure that begins with your Solar Return on your birthday. You've learned so much on this outing that you're eager to begin a new voyage. I wish you smooth sailing!