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February 21st, 2001, 06:10 AM
Hi all!
According to NASA,the sun has switched magnetic poles.It's switched from north to south.This happens every 11 years,so it will be the same until 2012.I was wondering if this had any effect astrologically?
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Rain BrightStar

February 21st, 2001, 10:49 AM
The Sun's magnetic poles just flipped over! So, that's what the prevailing feeling is. Relax, this is no big deal. The Sun reverses poles every eleven years or so (11.08 yrs for those needing precision). But this does tell us that the Solar Maximum is alive and well. Solar energy continues to excite us to new levels of insight, physical endurance and spiritual energy balance.

Perhaps the greatest symbol of this solar alteration comes with the suggestion to use your conscious mind to take a very alternate view of any ongoing dilemma. Perspective could shift. With an alteration of perception, who knows what might be possible for your life. The Sun, after all, offers warmth and comfort while dispelling dark shadows. As daylight offers hope we see that many of the demons of night's darkness were nonexistent. So it is with life.

For those who like to plan ahead the next solar flip is scheduled for 2012. Uh-oh! Isn't that the year the Mayan Calendar expires? Yes. But for those still frantic about that event my sources tell me that the Mayan cycle simply rolls over and does it again. No big deal. Nothing to worry about.

The Earth, by the way, flips magnetic fields from time to time. The last one was about 740,000 years ago. So we really don't know what the effects were. Earth's polar reversals take place at intervals between 5,000 and 50 million years - guess that narrows it down. They say we're overdue for a pole shift any day but no one has a clue.

For those who like to conjure images of Earth changes, I am not suggesting that the coincidental solar shift of 2012, the Mayan Calendar and the Earth's promising magnetic reversal are related. Take it slowly with the prophecy train. I am saying, in a different way, that we need to change our views of our world - for the better I might add. (:

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credits to P.Sedgwick

March 3rd, 2001, 01:29 PM
interesting to add that the switch in poles is not having an astrological effect, but a geological effect. It has apparently activated the tectonic plates, faults and heightened the activity of living volcanos resulting in shifting movement and earthquakes worldwide.

March 19th, 2001, 12:21 PM
We are entering a Solar Maximum Karmic Doorway of Completion
Written by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Just when you thought it was safe to put away all the karmic coats of the past, the cosmic weather forecasts changes and leaves us with the bitter cold awareness of the past nipping at what we thought we had
On February 14, 2001, the Sun our daystar reached solar maximum. This caused a reversal in its poles, which then caused a magnetic shift within our solar
and biological systems. A shift that will take one full
year to encircle all of our known planets. This shift will be felt until the year 2012.

2012 is the Mayan prophecy date describing the 'end of time as we know it'. Time being the keyword, and 'as we know it' describing the limitations of our present mind set. Could it be the Mayans were prophesying a new element (in addition to our four elements) known as 'time'? We perceive time as a watch, a clock, a workday, a weekend. The ancients perceived time as
simultaneous (past/present/future) walking hand in hand as inseparable partners.

The solar maximum reached by our sun caused a Time Shift. Opening the doorway to the past, as we have never experienced it. Up until now we have looked at karma as a single unit, glancing at it in a peripheral
understanding. The pole shift on our sun has unleashed
multidimensionality in our understanding of the word and act of karma.

We bring in our personal karma that we voluntarily chose to walk through and eliminate. Easy enough or so it seems. Now we have what I refer to as
'Croissant Karma, or Baklavah Karma. Which means many hidden layers within the one structure. Not only do we have our own personal karmic wash to do,
but we have our relationship karma that must be
acknowledged; our earth family karma, our soul family karma, our ethnic karma, our workplace karma,
our city karma, our state karma, our country karma, our
planetary karma, and finally our solar system karma.

As the Sol (Sun) shifts positions within itself so do we. A
planetary cleanse has begun for all of mankind. This purification points us toward a new understanding of all of our present relationships. Many relationships
have come to the end of the karmic sentence. From this
point forward there is to be a choice, as to whether to continue in the relationship, partnership, marriage, etc; or to just let it go, set it free.
Our pre-destinations on many levels have been completed and we are recognizing this with every fiber of our being. Chose wisely and compassionately with
an understanding that once this relationship's end has been accepted and acted upon, it will never again be mended into a point of being leak proof.

Every one on earth stands at this solar maximum karmic
doorway of completion. We look at our lives and see only chaos as others run around chasing their tales of woe, beckoning us into the deep murky waters of their
karmic cleanse. Our heart fires are low on fuel. No one
comes to warm the cockles of our hearts our worries, our fears. Everyone is tending to their own wounds, licking the very stitching of their soul away. Guarding their past as a Klingon warrior. Ready to fight for everything and anything.
They guard the past as a precious treasure breathing life force into an already dead energy.

We have come to a knowing, a place and a time of allowing. Of allowing our karmic curtains to be drawn back to reveal an unknown, untold story of the past. Allowing it to play out right in front of us. Having nothing to hold onto for comfort during this show, except our own hearts and the knowing that all of this drama is in Cosmic order, and is issued from the heart of the Creatrix as a gift that will lift us into more
of our true identity and destiny.
Channeled by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

[You all have decisions to make this year and they all are
life path decisions. They are decisions that will change the path of your life. The energies are referring to these as 'destiny decisions'.]

You walk into a doorway of Destiny Decisions. You walk into an UN-formatted universe that is not of solid design. A universe that will propose to you and for you. This unformatted universe brings to you new
opportunities in the form of expansions and contractions.
As human beings, you perceive all forward movement as
positive and life expanding. You do not realize that contractions and backward movements also
hold spiritual expansion and great untapped potential. You see not that moving backwards brings to you higher truths that were hidden in the fog of the
past. Truths that are hidden from your eyes in the now, and are not seen with clarity in your future.

As a human being it is your job to stand at the 'fulcrum of Spirit'. Standing in the very center of yourself, of your expansions and your contractions give your more of a fullness and a clarity that cannot be experienced by
just walking forward. This understanding is brought forth at this time due to the fact that all of earth will be walking in a backward alignment, in a contractual contraction, until after the time of April.

As a runner that bounds over a hurdle - that runner can not leap at a close proximity. That runner must go backward and then move with 'god speed'
forward to bound and leap into their future and over the
obstacles of the now. It is this format of thinking that we ask you to look at and address on this time. In the time of the holidays that you celebrate known as
Ostara, there is always a backward motion to you.

Most eyes of earth look back to the crucifixion of the one you knew as Jesus. The majority of your
population focuses more so on the crucifixion then on the higher levels of resurrection and ascensionand the gifts that Ostara brings. Enough of the critical mass of earth believe it is so thus escorting you into the frequencies of the past that dance hand in hand with
the frequencies of the present and of the future.

The energy of three - (mother, maiden goddes/ crucifixion/winter, resurrection/spring thaw and ascension/spring) is your numerological format for the year 2001 (2 + 1=3). Look at that number 2001.
Two representing the polarities, representing the high self, the low self or the ego self. Two representing right and wrong, representing black and white. Two representing a polarity experience. It moves
into "00" which are two levels of the void. Numerically "0" holds all numbers just like white holds the energies of all colors. So the essence of duality and
polarity will move through two hoops in order to come into one, in order to come into a higher alignment with a more divine aspect of itself. In those two 00's, in those two voids, there will be a sense of loosing one's self, a
sense of not seeing the road ahead, a sense of not knowing what the heart really wants, and the sense that the Father/Mother/God has left your side.

But as with the poem "Footprints" when one sees only one's self and one's self's footprints, one must know without as shadow of a doubt that one is being carried by the universal flow of the Creatrix above the
thorns, above the shards, above the hot rocks of life. The polarity of mankind will be carried through two levels of light. Thus bringing the energy of Mother
Earth and all of her inhabitants fully into the 5th
dimensional flux.

Up until this time there were only portions of the
population of Earth in the frequency of the 5th dimension. That is the level of spirtual awareness, the spirit heart, and the spitit love. It is through and past thetime of Easter that the Mother/Father/God/ Goddess will carry Mother Earth and all of her people and children through resurrection into what would be
considered to be ascension. This does not mean that earth and all of her inhabitants will leave this sphere of thinking, but it means that ascended understandings, ascended promptings, ascended calculations, and ascended thoughts will be birthed into the conscious and subconscious of all on Earth. There will be miracles afoot. There will be miracles paramount.
Because in this level of awareness the need, the wants, the desires of any part of the populous will be made equivalent and lifelike in form.

The focusings, the prayers will be created as scenarios that will give whomever is praying for them the proof that they seek.
Throughout all time and space every religion has said that their god wants this piece of land, these chosen people, this religious teaching to be the one truth. Throughout time many have been killed in the name of God/Goddess, every God/Goddess that has ever existed. The two gods that fight when people and countries do battle are the Gods of polarity, the Gods of separateness, the Gods of denseness, and the Gods of Ego. The world population is breath by breath and step by step coming into an awareness that one God is not greater or grander or more light or more dark than the other.

At the time of Ostara and after, all those that have died in the name of God/Goddess persecuted, fighting for their religion, their country, their belief will be set free.
Many of those souls are Earthbound. Many of them have walked the Earth in spirit for eons. This setting free of all those that have died in the name
of God has been foretold by Xtians biblically. As the ascended understanding and frequency is ushered into humanity, those that are bound by their limiting beliefs and judgements will be set free from that ancient prison.
The parts of their brain, the parts of their heart, the
parts of their understanding that has been closed that has been tunneled will now awaken and they will see for the first time.

This does not mean that in an instant everything will be
perfected, but it does mean that world changes and earth changes will happen.
For as the earth is cleared of these souls that she has bound to her because of their limited past decrees of "dying for God". Her body will feel this release
in very tumultuous sensations as a Mother that finally
releases her child that has already left her side. She has bound these souls with her love.
And now she lets them go, as she is aware that they are now in a place that they can understand.

As this time of expansions and contractions of the God
within you is ushered in you will experience 360 degrees of your inner self, your outer self, you
true self, your higher self. You will experience 360
degrees of your self. That does not mean that the world shall wear white and be of lily-ness in their being, but it means that many will shift. That the critical mass of Earth will shift into a knowing. And it will touch
everything and everyone for the better.

But before you do this there is a going back. You are not yet into a fullness a completeness. Parts of you in the now mourn for the lost parts of yourself in other existences - dying for the God that you believed in,
the country that you believed in, the truth you believed
in. They are fractured parts of your soul and they must be brought forward into the now to merge with your energy field. You will experience this on many levels.
You will have dreams about the battlegrounds and the places that you died for your religion - never for self, always for something external. You willingly and easily gave up your life.
As these aspects of yourself are released to the higher realm in the ascension energy, you will come into more of a fullness and a purposefulness that you have not experienced in many years. A solid knowing within you that you are finally at peace, that you can finally rest, that you can finally allow yourself to experience the joy of being alive, the joy of being in love, and the joy of
being on Earth. You have not allowed that expression of
self since the beginning of time. Only in the last 40 years or so have people of Earth even started looking for joy. They never looked for happiness under the
rock of their heart, never having a thought of peace of
mind. These are foreign concepts to Earth and you will begin to initiate them on a level that adheres and anchors itself to all of life.

Embrace your ascensions and your contractions. Embrace all emotions no matter how angry
or how loving. Embrace all lifetimes no matter how painful they were to you. Embrace your life. Hold on tight to her for she will fly high as a kite in this next level of expansion.