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Earth Walker
August 11th, 2001, 07:51 PM
St'at'imc Nation rejects Cayoosh Ski Resort Proposal

In 1991, the B.C. Provincial Government issued a proposal
call for an alpine ski development in the Melvin and Cayoosh
Creek drainage. In response, Nancy Greene-Raine Resort
Consultants (NGR Inc) sent in a proposal to develop an all-
season ski resort. The proposed resort falls within unceded
St'at'imc territory.

We reiterate the words of our Ancestors in the Declaration of
the Lillooet Tribe (May 10, 1911): "We are the rightful owners
of our tribal territory and everyting pertaining thereto. These
lands have been continually occupied by us from time out of

On June 11, 2000, a meeting was held by the St'at'imc People
in which clear direction was provided to reject the ski resort
proposal in the Melvin Creek drainage as put forth by NGR
Resort Consultants Inc.

Resource and land use decisions within our territory are to be
determined by St'at'imc law.
In spite of overwhelming protests by the people of the
St'at'imc Nation, the EAO recommended on August 4th, 2000
to accept the Nancy Greene-Raine Consulting Inc. (NGR)
proposal for a massive resort development in the Melvin Creek
On August 14, NGR received certification for the Ski Resort
Proposal from the Province.
On September 30th a rally was held at Mt. Currie in opposition
to the development prior to the local referendum. Opposition to
the development was overwhelming, as shown in the
subsequent vote results:
On October 2nd, the referendum held at Mt. Currie to ascertain
local feelings about the proposed NGR resort went as follows:
A total of 324 people voted, of these 276 were opposed, and
46 were in favour.
After this expression of public opinion, the Chief and Council
of Mt. Currie have come out in full support of the Camp, and the
Mt. Currie citizens' opposition to the resort development.
They have committed material help to assist in the construction
of buildings at the camp, and its maintenance.
They have further offered to help to fund-raise by holding a
dance and a silent auction at an early date.
All other Bands of the St'at'imc Nation have held meetings of
their communities, and have unanimously said NO to the
proposed development.
October 31 to November 2nd. The UBCIC held their meeting,
and the chiefs wrote a BCR in support of the Melvin Creek camp,
and those opposed to the resort.
During the night between November 9th and 10th, 12 men
from Lillooet attacked and burned down the information booth,
signs, and gate near the Melvin Creek Camp.
On November 18th, Rosalin Sam, and Richman spoke to a
community meeting of Pemberton Village. They noted that the
greatest opposition to the resort came from old time residents
of the community.
On November 19, Chief Garry John, and Rosalin Sam met with
members of the Whistler community. Members of the AWARE
group offered support for the Indigenous camp at Melvin Creek,
and 100 members are writing NGR expressing their concerns
about the resort.
Bottom Line:
Constitutionally, British Columbia has no right to pass unceded
Indian lands to third parties. According to the Constitution, the
only government that can deal for the acquisition of St'at'imc
lands (provided they wish to cede or sell) is the Federal
Government, which could then transfer this land to B.C.

From time immemorial, the St'at'imc people have honoured the
Winter Spirit, or Sutiklh, who dwells in this high mountain
Sutikalh renewed the powers of medicine women and men, who
trekked to his inaccessible domain, fasted, prayed and were
Others, women and men, wishing for spiritual renewal still go to
the high apline area for these same ancient reasons.
The realm of Sutilalh has been the destination of vision quests,
and remains a spiritual, sacred area to this day.
A major commercial development would be out of character for
an area of this significance. It would destroy the deeper, and --
to the St'at'imc Nation -- far more important values that presently
exist here.
Any destruction of the natural balance of the area would upset
the balance of Sutikalh, the Winter Spirit.

If you want to protect Melvin Creek from this mega development,
please call or fax the following right away, and ask that they abandon the project:

AI & Nancy Greene-Raine
NGR Resort Consulting Inc.
449 - 3220 Village Way
Sun Peaks, B.C. V0E 1Z1
Tel: (250) 578 - 6941
Fax: (250) 578 - 6946

For more information please call:
Chief garry John
St'at'imc Chiefs Council
(250) 256 - 7523 Lillooet Tribal Council
(250) 259 - 8227 Seton lake Band
(604) 868 - 8560 cell

Ramona: (604) 894 - 2462
Rosalin: (604) 894 - 2400

Donations gratefully accepted.
Please make cheques out to :
Rosalin Sutikalh Sam, (Pemberton Scotiabank)
#90670 02042 85
Or mail c/o Rosalin Sam at: P.O. Box 309,
Mt. Currie, B.C. V0N 2K0

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Patriarchy had a specific beginning in history.
It will also have an end. :smash:

Earth Walker
August 14th, 2001, 01:26 AM
"If the White man and their respective leaders had a heart,
free of prejudice, why can they not visualize our plight and
put themselves in our position? If they did, how would they
react to the assault of one's culture and land if the Indians
were to dominate and disrupt their order of harmony?"
-- Askie Betsie

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