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Earth Walker
August 12th, 2001, 03:49 PM
Many firms on the environmental roll of shame gave thousands
to the Liberal Party.

The latest list of B.C.'s worst corporate polluters is out.
It's undoubtedly familar reading to Liberal Party fundraisers.
Of the 51 companies named in last week's Environmental
Protection Non-Compliance Report, nearly one-third gave
money to the Liberals before the May election.
You could say the Liberals believe in the polluters-pay principle--
to the tune of $312, 983.
The report covers the 18-month period ending March 31.
Here's the dirt (or should I say 'smog'):
*Weyerhauser: Formerly MacMillan-Bloedel, the forestry giant
exceeded its maximum smokestack emissions at its Sayward
incinerator by 25%. Gave $73,600 to the Liberals in 2000.
*Riverside Forest Products: Cited for excessive wood-dust
emissions at its Lumby sawmill.
Donated $57,500 to the Liberals.
*Cominco: Lead-particle emissions exceeded limits at the Trail
smelter. Fourteenth time on report for lead pollution.
gave $53,000 to the Liberals.
*Fording Coal: Refitted a Kootenays coal-drying plant from
natural gas to dirtier coal-firing without provincial approval.
Gave $31,250 to the Liberals.
*Canadian Forest Products: Exceeded smoke-density limits at
its Bear Lake beehive burner seven out of 29 operating days.
Ninth time on report. Gave $32,400 to the Liberals.
*Donohue Forest Products: Over-filled a Mackenzie sawmill dump
with unauthorized waste; failed to separate waste and surface
water. Gave $30,000 to the Liberals.
* J.S. Jones Timber: Excessive smoke density from its Boston Bar
woodwaste incinerator: failed to submit monthly reports under
B.C. wood-burning regulations. Fourth time on report.
Gave $5,500 to the Liberals.
*Louisiana-Pacific: Excessive formaldehyde emissions from a
Dawson Creek strandboard dryer in 2000 and again in 2001;
excessive pollution from a thermal oil heater. Fourth time on
report. Gave $5,500 to the Liberals.
*Pacifica Papers: Exceeded sulphur emissions six out of six
times at its Powell River pulp mill.
Gave $5,000 to the Liberals.
*Tolko Industries: Excessive wood-dust emissions from its
Lavington sawmill. Seventh time on report.
Gave $3,050 to the Liberals.

Five other companies cited for infractions ranging from dumping
toxic sewage to open-pit burning of wood residue gave a total of $5,350 to the Liberals.

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