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July 25th, 2004, 01:20 AM
I noticed the Poll on Qabalah and those that hadn't even heard of the discipline. Therefore, just send me a PM with your E-mail address and the files you would like to have. I'll send them as an attachment. Free, no strings.



ANATOMY.ZIP Anatomy of the Body of God
CABALA.ZIP Reading the Torah with Equal Intervals
CABALA1.ZIP Introduction to the Cabala
CABALA2.ZIP More on the Cabala
CABALAH.ZIP Info on Kabbala
CABALAH_COLIN.ZIP A 1992 essay on the Cabalah by Colin Low.
CABCODE.ZIP Codes in the Torah
CBALADEF.ZIP Cabalah defined.
GEMATRIA.ZIP Gematria Program
GEMAWRD.ZIP Qabbalistic Word Manipulation
IDEL.ZIP A report on a series of lectures given by Moshe Id
KABBALAH.ZIP Reincarnation in the Kabbalah
MIDRASH_TANHUMA.ZIP The Torah and the Kabbalah
NOK.ZIP Notes on Kabbalah
QABALAH.ZIP What is Qabalah? by A. Crowley
QBALAH.ZIP Concerning The Holy Qabalah
SPRADTZNIOVTHA.ZIP The Book of Concealed Mystery. M. MacGregor Mathers, tr. (1887) Concerning The Holy Qabalah
TREE-OF-LIFE.ZIP 3 files on the Tree of Life.