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August 15th, 2001, 08:22 AM
I have this enormous tree in the front of my house, about 4 feet from my front door. I don't know what kind it is, a shaggy bark something or other. Each season it just destroys my property. In spring it "sheds" a zillion, billion, catrillion long seedy things. They end up all over~ in our hair, on the dog, tracked all through the house, if we eat outside, all in our food. Then for a few weeks we are ok. Then as is grows it sheds its bark all over my front yard. Then is gets these enormous green nuts. These things are the size of plums! And they are hard, I swear, if someone gets beaned on the head they are gonna get knocked out cold! You can hear the nuts crashing against the house and several of them dent the cars parked near iteach year. The nuts started falling 2 weeks ago and we probably have two more weeks to go before that stops. And the worst of it, is the squirrels that eat them and leave crumbs every where! I have to use a snow shovel to clear my walkway, no exaggeration. And then, in another month it will start losing its leaves, which is another mess too.

My DH wants to have the tree cut down and so far I have been able to talk him out of it. It is this beautiful tree when it isn't throwing missles at us. And it is huge. We had one taken down last year as it was dead and rotted and when we counted the rings it had too be 150 years old. This one is probably close to the same age. And I know the tree gives us shade, feeds the squirrels and all that. But at the moment, I just can't stand the d*** thing.

UGH. Just need to get this off my chest. I need to somehow make peace with this tree and accept that is is a true pain is the A$$ as well as wise and beautiful.........


Sage Witch
August 17th, 2001, 02:55 PM
adapted from Green Witchcraft II by Ann Moura

Walk around the tree and see which part seems to be the face or front ofte tree. Spread a blanket in front of the tree and sit so you are facing the tree. Sit with your back stright, perhaps in a semi-yogic or or cross-legged position.

Look at the tree and note its general shape and foliage, the spreading of its limbs, and the atmosphere surrounding it. Compare it against the background andlook for the tree's aura, the glowing light that envelopes the tree. What color is it? Does the aura look like the tree is content or is there something bothering the tree? A white to pale blue aura indicates a loving, peaceful, ad sympathetic tree. Yellow shows energy, but if tinged with brown, this coud mean that it does not feel well. Red shows an active tree that is interested in it's surroundings and possibly aware of dangers. A green aura shows fertility and connection with the wilderness spirit.

A purple aura shows spiritual connection,but if the aura is violet the tree could feel hostility and ned soothing before continuing witht he meditation. Ways of soothing the tree are placing a libation at its roots, watering the tree, nurturing it, adding fertilzer when it seems to need it, or planting a companion for the tree. Leaving a token of you esteem, such as decorations or deicate wind chimes are ways of reaching out tothe spirit of te tree to let it know that it is appreciated and loved by you.

There is more to the meditation (going "inside the tree" etc) but I figured this part might help you make peace with the tree. Hope it helps ;)

August 17th, 2001, 04:17 PM
Merry Meet Sage Witch :)

Thank you so much for posting that. I just ordered Green Witchcraft 2 and 3 from Barnes and Noble, and it is supposed to be here...TODAY!! *looking at clock* It should have been here by now too. Now I am waiting even more impatiently for my books :) I can't wait to try this and see if it helps.

Thanks again, and blessings.