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August 15th, 2001, 12:53 PM
ADRENAL TONIC, (Nettle, Astragalus, Borage)
for adrenal gland deficiency due to over stress or corticosteroid use, improves immune function, metabolism, emotions.

ANTI-FUNGAL, (Usnea, Spilanthes, Red Cedar, Black Walnut, Echinacea)
for treatment of fungal infections of mouth, stomach, intestines, anus, vagina , skin, nails, whether canidiasis, ringworm or athlete's foot.

ANTI-VIRAL, (Spilanthes, Lomatium, Burdock rt)
Useful for acute flus and colds and deep-seated chronic viral infections.

ARTHRITIS FORMULA, (Nettle, Wild Yam, Celery seed, Angelica, Meadowsweet, Willow bark)
for aching joints and stiffness, inflammation, improves circulation.

August 15th, 2001, 04:47 PM
Thank you Lithia!


August 15th, 2001, 05:35 PM
<rubbing hands together>
hope it's safe to assume that the rest of the alphabet will follow!

August 19th, 2001, 09:07 AM
uh, nope, no B's...
but there are C's :D

August 25th, 2001, 04:21 AM
What about Belladonna I cant sleep without it on rainy night when fibromialgia is getting the best of me!!

I have started a collection of herbal remodies and started growing the plants and there are several B's that are used alone or with others.

August 25th, 2001, 07:16 PM
For the herbal newbies: caution about Belladona...don't use unless you're REALLY, REALLY sure about how to use it properly. Not something you can experiment with.

August 26th, 2001, 12:23 AM
Many herbal items do have strong adverse reactions with medicines.

Like when your Dr. has you on blood pressure meds or pain medications already to try the arthritis blend listed in Lithas post will slow your heart rate down even more.

ALL should be researched !!!!

I happen to know that for me Belladonna works great but it does make my sister very ill ! After 9 years of using it I know what is benificial for only myself and would never suggest anyone else use the same amount.

I was just letting you know there are B's about 10 that I can think of right off the top!! I will back out and let you do your thing:( :( So Sorry

August 26th, 2001, 06:52 PM
Sorry Sherry! :( Didn't mean to come across sounding so smarmy! I always like to error on the side of caution. I would actually love to hear about how you started using belladona & how it works for you...would you mind starting a new thread for that? I haven't met very many people that actually use belladona.


August 31st, 2001, 11:51 AM
These are used for majic instead of medical

They can be placed in bags, burned, or how ever you choose to use them in your majical works.

Alfalfa - for Money, Prosperity
Angelica (leaf) - Protection, Exorcism
Anise - Clairvoyance, Psychic awareness, Luck
Arnica- (leopards bane) - Health

If anyone is interested in this type of Herbal uses I can continue the list Just let me know I have over 200 in my collection so far and try to learn about at least one a day I have started a journal for just majical herbs:) I know to some it may sound boring but it keeps me busy and out of trouble!!:D

August 31st, 2001, 01:10 PM
Yes! That would be really great. I find it interesting comparing the medicinal use and the magical use of herbs. I always wonder how it was determined what each herb did magically.

August 31st, 2001, 02:10 PM
I like this thread. :D:D

Sherry-- I second the motion to continue. I've wanted to start an herbs notebook myself lately. :D

August 31st, 2001, 07:04 PM
I have a book called The Magic and Medicine of Plants. It is my favorite herbal book. I also have a herbal notebook (okay, 3-ring binder). It started out in my BOS, but got too big for it so I transfered it to it's own book. I am in the process of trying to condense all the herbal info into one or two easy to read pages for each herb. Hopefully someday I will be have it all on a webpage, but again, that is someday...*giggle*

(who thinks there should be a Goddess of Taco Bell *giggle*)

August 31st, 2001, 11:43 PM
Heh! I have a box of pieces of paper with herbal stuff jotted down on them. I've been meaning to put them into an organized binder for years! I collect herbal & folk remedies. It's an ongoing project... :lol:

September 8th, 2001, 10:25 AM
Originally posted by Wildchild
Sorry Sherry! :( Didn't mean to come across sounding so smarmy! I always like to error on the side of caution. I would actually love to hear about how you started using belladona & how it works for you...would you mind starting a new thread for that? I haven't met very many people that actually use belladona.


I have a cousin who is a herbalist and has actually increased function to a man that was in a wheelchair and lost his job due to the "side effects" of MS. This man is now walking with a walker which is better than the spot he WAS in at such an early age.
He is the one who got me very interested in herbal at family reunion he gave a small talk on the effects and what he learned at an herbal college of medicine he attended in Georgia( cant think of the name of it but I will get it for you)
He told us since Lupus runs in our family and many have fibrimyalgia That if we stay away from red meat it would lesson the joint pain and I told him what happens to me when it was going to rain ( do to my many fractures and lupus, at times it gets unbarable) He is the one that set me up with an over the counter homeopathic supply of belladonna. This is sold at GNC health food stores and is behind the counter. you have to ask for them. The dirrections and the warnings are on the bottle .
Hint if you start with the smaller dose you should be able to build up to the level that helps you personally.
He is from very strong Semenole roots his mother and grandparenets are 100% and were raised in the customs of the healer. They only use the healer for all medical needs. his grandparents are in their 90's and function better than most in their 60's:) I would like to be like them when I grow up!!!!

September 8th, 2001, 10:19 PM
That's really interesting to hear, Sherry. A friend of mine has the same thing...lupis & fibrimyalgia. She is always in constant pain & seems to be running out of conventional methods. I'm going to suggest she go see a homeopathic doctor & see if they can help. As much as she tries so hard to stay active, it's really getting harder as the years go by.