View Full Version : Basic Astrology #7; Tables of Houses

August 25th, 2001, 09:39 AM
Our derived RAMC is 18:27:47. In the Tables of Houses, find the nearest listing just before the RAMC. In the Pacidus tables I use, gives l8:24:00 and then l8:28:00 presenting a standard difference of 4 minutes (240") of arc, or about 1 degree. To our chart's RAMC, calculate its difference from the first position (always work forward). which is 00:03:24 (204"). Next, find the difference between the two listed Zodiacal positions (5* 30' 29" from 6* 25' 38") which is 55' 09". Set up equasion: 55.l5'/240" = X/204" (Cross multiply and divide). X= 46' 53". Add this value to the FIRST listing: 5* 30' 29" + 46' 53" = 6* 17' 53" Tropical Capricorn. This is the accurate position of the natal MC of our example chart. All the remaining houses are calculated in like manner. To convert to the Sidereal Zodiac add the SVP difference to the Tropical position. The SVP for 11/11/71 is 5*39'58", thus giving a Sidereal position of 11* 57' 20" Sagittarius. Always add the SVP value to the Tropical and set the answer back one zodiac sign.

Now to find the accurate position of the Ascendant, we look at the lateral column under 32* North latitude. The first position under the two RAMC columns we have just worked with, gives 8* 56.9 and the 2nd position is 10* 25.8' (Tropical Aries). Find the difference, = 1* 28.9' or 88.9'. Set up, using the same ratio as in the RAMC: 88.9/240 = X/204. (cross multiply and divide) X= 75.6" or 1* 15.6'.

Now, correct for the 13 minutes of latitude that Tucson is north of the 32nd parallel. In this case, use the 2nd column, because the RAMC of our chart is closest to it. 32N = 10* 25.8', 33N=10*35.0, (Tropical Aries) the difference being 9.2'. Set up ratio; 9.2'/60 (minutes per degree of arc)= X/13'. X= 2.0' (rounded off). In this case the latitude correction is a + value because as one moves northward the Ascendant is placed further forward) . Add the two corrections to the first Ascendant position given at 32* north; 10* 25.8' + 1*15.6' + 2.0' = 11* 43.4' Tropical Aries. To correct to the Sidereal Zodiac, add the SVP value as in our previous example; 11* 43.4' Aries, + 5* 39.98' = 17* 23.4' Pisces.