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August 25th, 2001, 08:07 PM
What it all means: The following are some basic delineations of the several planets and luminaries in a birth chart. How they express themselves has to do with mutual aspects to them, what Zodiacal signs they occupy, their relative strength in the chart, and what house thy occupy. These guidelines are offered as though each planet is unaspected, being alone in a chart.

The Sun is representative of one's personality traits that are manifest "without thinking about them." It is the life force, the magnanimity of a persons presence, their self-confidence, authority, and power of presence, and personality. When the natal Sun is on the Ascendant, a person commands attention and respect. That they are often looked up to for leadership and their associated general abilities. Often showing their accumulated experiences as a point of rallying for their peers. They like the leadership roles and will occupy such positions when the opportunity affords it. Sometimes not averse to "show off" a bit when they feel competition for their leadership positions.

(The strongest place of any planet or luminary is on the Ascendant of the birthchart, as these represent the appropriation to one's personality and what they are idenified for. The 2nd most strongest is on the Midheaven, 3rd the Descendant and 4th is on the I.C. of the chart. Any places in a birth chart where the Sun or any other planet are not ANGULAR,(that is occupying those 4 major , cardinal points within a birth chart) is said to be in the background and has relatively less manifested strength compared with the other luminary, and sometimes, a planet that may be angular.)

The Sun is also the major chronologer for a person's ensuing events in life, that may be shaping up during their Solar Year, beginning when the Sun conjuncts, to the second of arc, its natal position. However, this form of annual Astrology is only valid by using the Sidereal Zodiac in that the Tropical is constantly changing position, and therefore, makes an unreliable reference.
The Secondary progressed Sun must also be watched for its aspects to the various progressed planets also portends "once in a life- time" events.

The Moon is the sensitive and the refined side of a person's nature, the sensual, emotions, thinking, learning abiltiy, memory, appreciation of the finer things in life. the 5 senses, ( including the 6th), mental ability or instability, the ability to communicate one's emotions, feeling, (both physical and emotional). The Moon's circuit of the zodiac also portends mundane events that may come about. It, like the Sun , must be calculated primarily for its monthly conjunction or opposition to its birth position in order to determine what kind of month one is likely to have. The Acending Moon in man's chart indicates an emotionally sensitive person, easily hurt with unkindness and often lacks forwardness in competition in the world. In a woman's chart is portends ultimate feminity in manners, soft, melodic voice, and general conduct in life. Usually dependant on a male counterpart for their successfulness. Often beautiful in appearance, dress styles, and in manners, gracefulness.

Mercury "rules" communication, travel, professions, engineering,
trades, crafts, hobbies, and etc. When considering one's professions , Mercury should be taken into account as to its aspects, Zodiacal sign, and house of occupation. Very astute in eye-hand-mind coordination. An Ascending Mercury portends practicality in life style and ambitions, Not much on beauty or good looks, but definitely made for; keeping busy, quickness, action, effeciency, speed, and mobility. They excell in any profession where the transferral of information is necessary. Good at record keeping, bookkeeping, and all associated professions. Sometimes professional writing is indicated if aspected to the Moon.

Venus; "rules" beauty, friendships, love affairs and portends something about (in a man's chart) his mate, his matrimonial circumstances, and most of all, any family situations. It is also responsible for justice, and collective activities with other people. Venus Ascending usually portends fair or even beautiful, good looks. Having a "baby face" is not uncommon. In a man' s chart it is indicated by well proportioned handsomeness, and usually good , but even if not sincere, manners, . In a woman's chart it portends good looks, but on the heavy side, weight- wise. Usually outstanding with social affairs, loyal, good singing and decorative abilities, having many friends and acquaintences. Usually good with pets. Socially popular.

Mars "rules"; strenght, activity, force, attacks, aggression, fighting, competition, exploitation, steadfastness in the face of opposition, irritation, and dominance (due to a person's force of power- personality.) A forward Mars indicates generosity. It often portends a woman's matrimonial situation and usually states something about her marriage partner, according to its sign, house position and especially its aspcets. Mars Ascending often gives the person a fierce look, appearing as though they are about to tear something apart. Gruff in manners, and often confronting the more distasteful situations in life, they usually have a frank and abruptly crude (and sometimes comedy-like) personality, Sometimes having a hoarseness in their voice, which does not need an amplifier when addressing a crowd, as the sheer power is enough for them to be heard by all.

Jupiter "rules" one's fortune in life, good health, activities, wealth, physical vitality, healing , jovialness, optimism, generosity , and very perceptive at observing one's options in life. Seldom staying in one place for a long period of time, but enjoys being mobile, sports, games, and play in general. Usually fortunate in their life time. Often they are the "life of the party" type. Jupiter ascending portends an extremely active person, loving the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, outdoor games of sport, They often have a very round face with (sometimes) teeth protruding with a very big smile. Sometimes their facial expression hides, with a happy demeanor, an otherwise, limiting temporary situation. Jupier on the natal MC usually means the ability to gain above normal wealth, especially if it occupies Sidereal Pisces.

Saturn "rules" restrictions, losses, misfortune, and generally the ill- favored in some manner. It may portend ill-health or some physical inability if quartered to the Ascendant. With the Moon it is usually associated with a slow demeanor, slow intellect, and resists any schemes that can cause them, as they perceive it, to be taken advantage of. Usual misfortunes in life are often amplified in their personality make up, causing at times a defeatest attitude. In a woman's chart, Saturn with the Moon portrays a chronic complainer and finding problems with everything -not good matrimonial indications. Saturn Ascending often means an emaciated- looking person often appearing older than they really are, physically, slow demeanor and very distrusful of new situations in life, including people. Usually says little, or very reserved with their thoughts. They do not appreciate change, but will often live most of their lives in a single locality. They are loyal and not demanding of betterment in life's situations, especially when they percieve that they are prosperous in society. Usually keeps ownership of unnecessary things at a minimum and often lives a spartan life. Very conservative.