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October 20th, 2004, 07:56 PM
Well, in this post I'll flaunt someof my "art" I've done.
This includes Pixel art(my main artform), and random doodles and sketches on paper. For those not in the know-how, pixel art is the art of making pictures by placing every pixel by hand(pixel being the smallest unit a computer screen can display at any given resolution, one dot of color), without the use of auto-antialiasing tools and other advanced stuff :3

I put these here, because neither of these can be classified as "finished." I have quite a LOT of pictures to show, as this is over the course of two years and some. I post the .gif/.png files directly, and link to the JPGs, as the gifs and pngs are generally small, due to a little amount of colors and a smaller dimension than scanned jpg pictures.

Let's start then, in cronological order(mostly).

1. My first pixel art, my rendition of a character in a webcomic, called "snot"

2. Another piece, my rendition of the author of before mentioned webcomic

3. A random person with some weird blade thingies on his arm(why I put them there, I do not know today).

4. Some random chinese(debatable) guy assuming a "fighter's pose."

5. Someone asked me to draw a ninja-smiley, so I went full out :P (one version with cloth, one without)

6. Some random half-assed stuff I made.
http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/flameturret.gif http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/gun.gif http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/mystic-bird.gif

7. My pixel-rendition of some guy's avatars
http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/nima.gif http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/desertpenguin.gif

8. A face I made, then half-assed a body on

9. My avatar mostly anywhere

10. Some random wacko guy :P

11. An axe/halberd/whatever type of weapon I made when it was /in/ to make eapons on the forum I regulared

12. Two pictures I made in a jiffy, not putting any real effort into it.
http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/Boo-Boo.gif http://home.halden.net/postal/pics/boo-hoo.gif

13. A letter thingy I never got around to finishing :/

14. Unfinished gun outline

15. Another avatar-rendition

16. The most current pixel art I did, which is my rendtion of my avatar/character from gaia-online(long story)

That's it for the PIXEL art.
I also have a few pencil doodles, these shall be linked, since they're way too big to be posted directly. Most of these are from schoolbooks, spawning from boredness. And most of it has little to no logic, reasoning or sanity behind it :3

A sketch page from last year. 1/3 (htp://home.halden.net/postal/pics/sketch1.jpg)
A sketch page from last year. 2/3 (htp://home.halden.net/postal/pics/sketch2.jpg)
A sketch page from last year. 3/3 (htp://home.halden.net/postal/pics/sketch3.jpg)

This was a thing that appeared in my book some day(I have no memories of drawing it, must have done it without being conscious or something...:/) (htp://home.halden.net/postal/pics/freaky.jpg)

This is a sketch page from later last year(I feel I got lucky on this one, and it turned out decent) 1/5 (http://home.halden.net/postal/sketch1.jpg)
This is a sketch page from later last year(random persons/robots) 2/5 (http://home.halden.net/postal/sketch2.jpg)
This is a sketch page from later last year(jewlery design? neat symbol? dunno :P) 3/5 (http://home.halden.net/postal/sketch3.jpg)
This is a sketch page from later last year(random... uh... stuff) 4/5 (http://home.halden.net/postal/sketch4.jpg)
This is a sketch page from later last year(I don't even know...) 5/5 (http://home.halden.net/postal/sketch5.jpg)

This is a recent doodle page, depicting... well... randomness, I guess. Also a bit on how my mind works, nothing positive though XP 1/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, a face and some monster thing that looks like it could be in pokemon. 2/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch2.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, a random "omg pentagram" moment. 3/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch3.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, focus on the dread-locked penguin and the eyes. 4/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch4.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, the posed guy is actually the best full-body, posed drawing I've done to this date... the rest are just random thingies :] 5/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch5.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, more like a beautified phsyics excercize. Go hippy bus, go! XP 6/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch6.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, another physics assignment, gravity stuff, and a random spear thrusting out of the imaginary ocean under the sketchbook. o.O 7/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch7.jpg)
This is a recent doodle page, a mouse, a nifty logo-ish thing, and another logo-ish thing. Mmm... shiny.... 8/8 (http://home.halden.net/postal/skoolsketch8.jpg)

That's about it, I think. :)
It was a lot, but I'm done.

October 20th, 2004, 08:11 PM
neat stuff, what games you play. I use red potions for healing, and blue for mana

October 21st, 2004, 01:27 AM
neat stuff, what games you play. I use red potions for healing, and blue for mana
Many various RPGs. It's a tribute to all the red items used in healing :3