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Garden of Eden
October 31st, 2004, 09:08 AM
Here's a little ritual that I and a friend penned last night... T'is simple yet effective ^_^ (and just in time for those of you who are panicking, lol...)

(31st October
To be preformed in consecrated space)

(Lay out feast, setting an extra place for the unknown guest)

“Ancestors, we call to thee,
with our loud and ripened glee.
Many missed and many mourned,
With wisdom now you are adorned.
Come join us here and share your wit.
At the feast of the dead, we pray thee sit.”

(Meal is eaten in silence, reflecting upon departed friends and family)

(cast circle)

“In this holy place we gather,
To adore our ancient mother and father.
We invite to our sacred meeting now,
The Sidhe upon each flower and bough.
Pass through the gates of the land of the Sí,
Hearts so open and souls so free.”

(Present offering of seasonal fruits to Daun and the Sidhe)

“We crown you now, Oh Goddess crone,
as this world, you rule alone.
The god is left, in the underworld he dwells,
Our great one departed in Death’s knells.”

(Offer evergreen crown to Goddess and bid the God farewell)

“Slan go foill, a Dagda.”

“In his death, we greet our harvest,
Its strength all spent, the Earth does rest.
Joyful in such bounty bright,
Come witches now and live this night!
Though the veil is thin, no evil we fear,
With the Dark Goddess now so near.”

(Sacrifice to the Goddess- symbolic offering. Write sacrifice upon paper and reflect on why sacrifice is necessary at this time of year.)

“Spirits of the underworld, we honour thee,
Greet our mighty god with great humility.
Worship him as we have done,
Until his rebirth accompanies the sun.
Come through the veil and exult with us here,
To meet and revere out ancestors dear.”

(Divination is preformed here with the aid of the spirits)

“Our new year arrives this night,
accompanied by the waning light.
Before the old ones we lay hopes and fears,
And pray they guide us through our years.”

(Feast upon cakes and ale, thanking the god and goddess for the bounty they have provided and asking for their blessing Put forward wishes for the new year as cakes are eaten.)