View Full Version : My Wednesday Nov. 11th

November 11th, 2004, 01:49 PM
How's this for you:

Yesterday, Wednesday, Odin's Day ....

I see two ravens in flight, circling above campus.
I recieve my new phone book, printed by the Odin Printing Company.
My girlfriend brings home a spear ...quite nice ...that she made in high school, her mother found it in the attic.
I use a public restroom where, on the mirror, the three triangle valknut is the company logo on the mirror above the sink ...
And I finally find my copy of American Gods By Neil Gaiman ...a novel where Odin plays a large role.

I like to play with the idea of signs and such, but come on already! Lay off!

Message for Odin:

We've worked well in the past. What do you want? Know that I don't trust you.
Love don't live here anymore! LOL _tsk_

--Kaos :jamsessio