View Full Version : Astrology II, #6A; delineations of progressed planets

September 7th, 2001, 09:19 AM
Progressed Sun to natal or progressed Saturn: This can be one of the most unfortunate times that can be remembered. It is indicative of failures and disappointments, a sense of coming to the end of one's abilities to cope with some current situation. This can be a dangerous condition as well, if one is not careful about their life style, spiritual condition, family and employment sitations. That any situation concerning Saturn denotes a time of discarding the old and accepting the new. The values once held no longer are valid, and there is a need to review what is of greater importance to the indiviual, by obviously utilizing old standards of spirituality, and empirical living and then realizing that they no longer apply. Saturn can indicate a time of renewal, if one is optimistic enough to realize that an entire change is due. That changes do come, and sometimes through personal necessity rather than those being imposed from outside sources. It can also be a time of prolonged sickness, some problem in life seemingly having no end, or other such condition.

Progressed Sun to natal or progressed Uranus; This can be a rather fortunate time in life as it denotes some kind of sociological advancement. Sun to Uranus can be a time of marriage, becoming a new parent, an advancement at one's place of employment, or the successful changing of employment professions in life. It can also portend moving to a new location , especially if it at a distance from one's former residence. That what ever is new, to appropriate into one's life is forecasted by the progressed Sun to Progressed Uranus contacts. That the newness of life can also come through a new and liberating understanding of some old condition that has been a mental drag on the individual.

Progressed Sun to natal or progressed Neptune; Again, this protends a time of everything being out of place. Conditions in life are at best unstable, and the individual finds himself associated with a new set of circumstances that he is not able to immedately cope with. It may portend a time of fear, and being in desperate situations, having the old conditions of life, and sustenence being stripped away. Although this is not in itself a permanent situation it will require some getting used to, and may take an emotional toll on an unprepared individual. The best way to handle this configuration is to accept the new and undesirable conditions in life ,and learn to make the most of what we have, taking time to explore the new environment, and social situation.

Progressed Sun to Pluto; A time of taking the situations in life and applying one' own new progressive standards and desires for personal advancement onto them. Usually portends a time of renewal and personal initiative being utilized to greater learning, and realizing a new set of standards of being is needed, by some new field of life endeavors , or enterprise. Personal discovery or appropriation into a new social position, new hobbies, new interests in life. Sun to Pluto always indicates a time to renew one's efforts at attaning a higher status , such as becoming one's own boss through a new personal business or opening a new enterprise, or perhaps, attending school to obtain a needed diploma in order to open the door of opportunity to gain higher achievements in life.

Progressed Moon to the Sun; although this aspect occurs in strength every 7 years or so, it does portend a time of introspection, and an evaluation of one's social placement, personal achievements, in life thus far, and perhaps a change or an alteration in evaluation of the standards of life is due. This soul-evaluation-introspection can be brought about through circumstances that one has little control over, and again, it may come about entirely through self-initiatives. That these times of personal evaluation occurs the strongest whenever the Secondary Progressed Moon is at some quarter-phase to the progressed Sun.