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Lady Jade
November 29th, 2004, 10:01 PM
Can anyone tell me what the going rate is to babysit a child including meals and homework help for say 5 hours per day? Is it $2.00 per hour per kid? Enlighten me please...and quickly

November 29th, 2004, 10:04 PM
I pay about 4/hour but that's me.

November 29th, 2004, 10:23 PM
I think it depends upon your area, here people want min wage!!

Oh and the last time I paid 2.00 per hour was back in 1982!!!

November 29th, 2004, 10:28 PM
I think I got about 4 an hour... I'm not really sure. It depends on the age of the babysitter too. The younger ones you can generally give 2-3. That's what I got when I first started (at 12 maybe). But I'm inner city too so that might make a difference.

November 29th, 2004, 10:32 PM
I think I got about 4 an hour... I'm not really sure. It depends on the age of the babysitter too. The younger ones you can generally give 2-3. That's what I got when I first started (at 12 maybe). But I'm inner city too so that might make a difference.
I forgot about that...I also only hired other moms, never a teen or anything. So that prob added to not finding a cheaper rate. Plus I am in a small town.

But back in 1982 when the best deal I could find for a mom to watch my son, was 2 per hr, I was in one of the ghetto's of Milwaukee city!

November 29th, 2004, 10:33 PM
Holy cow! Where do you all live?! When I was in college a few years back, I used to babysit a 10-year-old boy and I got $7 an hour and I didn't even have to cook or clean. It was four hours a day, Monday through Friday, and all I had to do was give him a snack after school, help with homework, and make sure he didn't kill or hurt himself (or his friends).

November 30th, 2004, 04:26 AM
Speaking as a babysitter, it really depends on the kid. Things like age and how much I'm required to do. i.e. Changing diapers, baths, supper or whatever. I usually ask for 4 or 5/hour/kid. I'm the babysitter who ends up with the bratty kids because all their other sitters tend to quit like after the first week. :)

Edit to add: Why do some of you only hire moms? I think that's a bit unfair. I started babysitting at eleven, and I did (and still do) a better job than some moms you'll find out there. Most of the kids know me as "super-bitch babysitter," but I've had virtually no complaints from parents. (and I say virtually because one of my last jobs had a "super-bitch" mom. Long story). I also don't think that you should base the amount of money you give the sitter on his or her age. Whether you're 13 or 23, it's still the same amount of work to be done.

November 30th, 2004, 08:17 AM
This spring I babysat a 5 month old baby for about 9 hours a day for $100 a week. I didn't have to cook for him because he didn't eat solid food yet. :p $100 a week is pretty standard around here. :whatgives:

I know a lot of people only hire moms to babysit because they know they have to have had 24/7 experience with babies. There's the added benefit of the mom's own children being around so the child (or children) has someone to play with. Also I think people like to try to help out someone with a family by giving them some extra income. I personally have never hired a babysitter(I'm a SAHM and our parents always have taken them if we needed to go somewhere without them), but I wouldn't have a problem hiring a mature teenager if she/he could prove they had experience with children my sons' ages. Having kids of your own doesn't necessarily mean you are good with other people's children, after all!

November 30th, 2004, 11:00 AM
call me wild and crazy but our 20 month old really bonded with a 12 year old neighbor boy. He is kind, bright and will baby sit her in his home with him mom in the background in case of emergency. I pay him $4 an hour. I this is the best of both worlds, he has a mom to consult if things get scary, and my daughter has a kid who is still really into playing to keep her happy. this is how I started babysitting , and was a gentle way to gain enough confidence to go further afield and take on more difficult work. I agree age shouldn't be a factor in payment and I would pay around minium wage for anyone. Personally i would baby sit another kid my daughter's age for a friend for nothing... they would probably entertain each other so much I would have less work to do not more. I don't need a sitter often, since I have to agree... grandparents, and older sibling are the BEST and i'm lucky to have two older kids often in our household who are pretty responsible (ages 12 and 20)

November 30th, 2004, 11:06 AM
wow... what high prices... 4 years ago i babysat about 6 to 7 hours and got payed $20 a day... that included meals and homework help and anything else...

The child was 5 btw...

November 30th, 2004, 11:42 AM
Around here the avg rate is right around $4.50/hr per school age child. That's because that's roughly what a daycare would charge. Babies are more, because they take a lot more looking after than older kids. I would suggest that you call some of your local child care centers and see what the rates are with them. When I was in Texas and baby sitting for income, that's what I did. I even got a copy of one of their contracts and made my own off of it for parents to sign. It made the whole experience so much easier. They knew the type of service and care their children would receive, and they knew what I expected in return for that service.

Lady Jade
November 30th, 2004, 12:23 PM
I watch my sister's kids everyday after school and sometimes all day Saturday, I was curious what the rate was because I felt like she was taking advantage of me. At first it was 3 hours per day, including snacks and homework for 3 kids age 12, 9, and 5...the 9YO has ADHD and the 5 YO is partially deaf. At 2$ per hour per kid that's 15 hours (not counting any Saturday time) x 3 kids = 90$ per week and I have been doing it for $50. Not to mention that the gas to drive in every week is costing me about $10 of that...

After all, I am laid off and they are my family, I am home all day anyways (jeez!). Now she wants me to watch them 5 hours per day and provide supper, too. I think we have a compromise worked out wherein my mom and her husband will watch them some of the time. Honestly, I can't handle that many kids all the time plus my Grandfather thrown in the mix.

Thanks for responding, now I know I am not crazy to think that the cost of childcare has risen since the 80's.

November 30th, 2004, 12:43 PM
well, i don't babysit, mainly because i don't know any parents with young kids. my friend sits though, but she doesn't have a rate. i figure she gets around minimum wage. she sits for two kids, makes them food, takes them to the park, etc. she's young at heart, but not at all immature, so she constantly plays with the kids and teaches them new games, but she can be strict if need be. she seems happy with what she gets paid, although she's probably gonna have to quit sometime soon because she's almost 18 and is going to need a "real" job soon so she can help pay for college. she has been sitting for them since she was 12 i think...

November 30th, 2004, 03:13 PM
As a mom I would never leave my own kids with an 11 year old. I mean absolutley no offense to you younger sitters and I did the same when I was your age. Having seen all the things I have as a nurse, I think adults need to be in charge of smaller children. At the very least the teen sitters need to have a babysitter class that is high on the basic life support education.

Frankly, knowing how it feels to do compressions on an infant's chest, I would never inflict that possibility onto the shoulders of an 11 year old.

Amethyst Rose
November 30th, 2004, 05:11 PM
My husband and I had a really hard time finding a babysitter for our son. We needed someone from our town, who was willing to babysit in our home.....and who had a lot of experience with a 1 year old. That meant I really wanted a mom. When the search was only yielding 11 or 12 year olds, I lowered my standards to at least someone who was 16, but my husband said she had to be at least 18. Finally, we lucked out and now one of the child workers from my mom's and tots group (she's my age), said she could babysit for us.

The reason I was so unwilling to let anyone under 18 to look after my son is because he can't tell someone what he wants yet, or what's wrong. I can't imagine what a 12 year old would do if he wouldn't stop crying, or wouldn't eat his food, or had an accident. I was 16 the first (and only) time I looked after an infant and I was completely lost.

Edit: Oh, as for prices....I did some research and found that the average is $5.00 or $6.00 an hour. That's probably what I'll be paying. When I was babysitting, (10 years ago) I babysat my two cousins, for $3.00 an hour. Not per kid...the idea of paying per kid didn't even enter my mind, even now.

November 30th, 2004, 05:32 PM
The reason I have only hired moms is that I can see how there kids are.
And I had a friend once that hired a teen for her 6month old. The baby was killed. I get scared, thats all. I havent used a sitter for 2 years, and then I had my grown son watch his sister and brother. Before than I didnt have a sister since my last 2 were born.
When my growm son was little I had to work so I needed a sitter, I hired moms from my own neighborhood.
Even when hiring another mom, you got to be careful. I needed a sitter once bad..had to work, my sitter moved. I didnt have time on my side. This one woman I found was a mom and her kids were healthy and clean but real wild. I was nervous about hiring her, but I did. She ended up, one January day..cold, winter, accidently locking my 3 year old outside. She had gone out to see a neighbor, my son followed, she didnt know. She didnt keep tabs on him. When she went back home she locked the door behind her. Then she went on the phone to yak with her neighbor. When I came to pick up my 2 yr old he was crying on the porch, freezing.
Turned out he had been locked out for 2 hours with no coat in freezing weather!! He got pnemonia. I fired her butt and so wanted to tear her apart...memories...Grrr.


I just am very scared when it comes to trusting others to care for my kids.

November 30th, 2004, 09:25 PM
As a babysitter, I have both been paid really well, and been ripped off. The first woman I babysat for had two daughters, 6 and 8, and a cousin of the daughters who was also 6. All three girls; they were fairly good at amusing themselves, though they wanted me to play with them a lot. She would pick me up at seven in the morning, and I'd go home around five or so in the evening--basically, the time she herself worked. I was required to cook lunch for these girls, and breakfast if they wanted more than cereal or PopTarts. I was also required to clean. This wasn't much, but I was often asked to do the dishes, or to vacuum.

She usually paid me fifteen a day. If it was just the two daughters, I got ten. I was twelve, and too intimidated to ask for more. I just remember staring at that ten dollar bill and wanting to cry. I was exhausted, and that was all I got for it.

The second woman I babysat for provided me with the standard pay that I request now. Five an hour; if it's longer than five hours, then thirty for the day/evening. A hundred and twenty five or thirty five for the week. If it's overnight on the weekends, as one of my jobs was, I want about a hundred, maybe more if it's three + kids. (Less if it's only one kid--two kids or more, that standard applies.) I think it's perfectly fair. I'm keeping your kids safe, entertained, fed, cleaned, etc. And I'm a good babysitter...both parents and children usually agree on this. So I think five an hour is fair. :)

December 1st, 2004, 06:48 AM
I'm sorry to hear of your bad experiences, but don't give up on all of us just because of one or two bad experiences. Judge us by our character and our credentials, not our age (not that I'm suggesting leaving a baby with a ten-year-old). I'm really good with babies. For some reason they just love me, and I couldn't be happier because babies (toddlers included) are my personal favourite. No back-tallk. :) Like I said before, I'm usually the sitter who gets stuck with the wild or "challenged" kids. I babysat a little boy who had ADD when I was eleven and the mother just couldn't believe how good I was with him. I think it's because I can really connect with kids who are like that. I have my share of medical problems, and it's a bit of a blessing, where insight is concerned. I had two younger siblings by the time I was nine, so I was well-knowledged in how to take care of a little one. Now my youngest sister is nine and I have a baby cousin to look after. :) I gotta post some pics one of these days.

December 1st, 2004, 12:33 PM
Oh boy, that's a tough one. I used to watch my sister's kids.. *ugh. Don't get me wrong, I love my niece and nephew. It's the being taken advantage of, “because I'm family”, thing that I didn't care for. :lol: Believe it or not, my sis and her hubby were the reason I drew up the contract in the first place. I'd be set to watch the kids from 6 AM to 6 PM, with the understanding that I had a life and needed time for myself too. They constantly took advantage, going to the gym after work or out for drinks. Rarely did they pick the kids up before 8 PM. Here I was, watching 2 kids and caring for my son, needing to go to the grocery store and only had one car seat (my niece and son were both infants). Most of the time it was their dad who picked them up, and he was a real jerk to deal with. He liked to do every thing “right”, so I decided that I would draw up this contract. In it I stated that my available hours were from 6 AM to 6 PM (times agreed upon by them) and that my rate of $270 per week (that's roughly half of what daycare would have cost) included full supervision, stories, exercise, (a basic lesson plan, including their suggestions) 2 meals and snacks. I also included a “clause” stating that in the event that the children would be staying past 6 PM; I was to be notified no less than 24 hrs in advance (with the exception of unforeseen circumstances/emergency), and that there would be an hourly rate of $2 per child for each hour past 6 PM (w/notification or not). I also stated when payment was due and the repercussion for late payment. (Which was that I would not watch them until I had received payment that was due)

I know this sounds harsh, but it really helped. They both signed, believing that it was reasonable, as any childcare provider would do the same. Now the “fun” part. He signed, but didn't think I'd enforce. He was late, as usual, every night for a week. I always had him initial a sheet of paper with the time he arrived (AM & PM), so I could keep track of when they came and went. When payment was due, I handed him a “bill” with the hours they were in my care printed on it and the amount due, including the “over time”. He was furious and refused to pay. I reminded him of the contract he had signed and suggested that he look at it again. He left without paying me, and the following Monday when he came to drop the kids off, I wouldn't let him leave them. I told him that when I received payment in full, I would be more than happy to care for them, but until then he'd have to find a new sitter or miss work. He went home, being a “hard head”, but came back later with a check and an apology.

After that it was “smooth sailing” and I watched them until my ex moved us, and we were too far out of the way for them to bring them to me every day. The contract worked out so well, that I had all of “my parents” sign it when I'd do “long term” childcare.

December 1st, 2004, 01:14 PM
When I was 16, I sat for a couple who paid me $45 for 4 hours every other Friday, so they could go out alone. It was a great “gig”, but I had to tell them that I couldn't do it after only 3 nights. They had 2 children; a 2 yr old girl and an 8 month old son. I felt soooo bad for this little boy, because he weighed 80 lbs and I couldn't do anything with him. I quit, because when I'd arrive, the father would put the boy in his crib and tell me not to “fuss” with him except for diapers and a bottle. I couldn't lift him out of the crib to save his life if I had to and that really troubled me. I explained to them that I wasn't the right person to care for their son, because I wasn't able to preform my duty as a care giver in full. They understood and actually thanked me for being honest, and the dad gave me $50 for caring about his son.

I also had another job at that age, caring for 3 boys (3, 8 and 10) over night while their mom worked as a dispatch officer in the PD. Shift work, * ugh...4 on 3 off lol. Anyway, I was recommended to her by friends at her church (whom I sat for sometimes), and she would drive 60 miles rt to pick me up and take me to her house. Then she'd drive me to school in the morning when she'd get off work, which was another 40 miles from her house (one way). She paid me very well, considering that I slept most of my time there ($175 per week).

There was also the vet's grandson who was 12. His mom is the one who recommended me to the first couple I mentioned. I'd get $50 for 8 hours with that kid. He was a handful and a pervert! He was always trying to hold my hand and then he tried to kiss me. That's the day I told her I quit, and I told her why. She gave me an extra $20 and offered me a horse! :lol:

Anyway, my point in this post is that there ARE responsible teens out there who do just as good a job with kids as adults, sometimes even better. I won't, NOT let a teen sit for me. I'm very selective about who watches my kids regardless of their age.