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September 11th, 2001, 08:26 PM
I am deeply saddened by the events that happened today on September 11, 2001 at 8:45 pm [central]. I cannot understand how anyone could be so cruel as to destroy thousands of lives
like that. To destroy the World Trade Center, and attack the pentagon...I hope everyone will light a candle in respect for those suffering. Blesses, Jessica

September 11th, 2001, 09:20 PM
Amen -my candles will burn for their souls tonight.

September 12th, 2001, 04:09 AM
I live in New York, and this makes me angrier than the entire land claim issue. Hell's bells, the people killed here were innocent civillians, just going to work on an average day.

This, of course, doesn't include the 200 firefighters who were killed by the second tower collapse while trying to fight the fire created by the first.

As angry as I am, something said by an admin on a roleplaying MOO I frequent really made me feel better, and I want to share it with you all. I have subtracted his name for his privacy's sake, but if he sees this and wants credit, I'll grant it to him.

Green deck

In carrier aviation, we say we have a 'green deck' when ready to launch aircraft. Today, even before the attacks took place, you had carriers with green decks landing and launching planes already around the world; that's routine. Within hours of the WTC being hit, you had two more. There are more on the way; I'm a pilot assigned to one on the west coast. Although I won't be going today, or tomorrow, or possibly for a few weeks, I've been told that my squadron is 'up at bat'. My carrier has a green deck. The question now is what to do with us. People are worried about bloodbaths. People are worried about innocent civilians as casualties of our bombs, of wanton U.S. attacks on other countries.

I can't speak for the leadership, but let me tell you this.

Ultimately the bombs and missiles are put on target by somebody not so different than each of you. They're a little older than the median CS player age. They've gone to your same schools and colleges. You might even know one. They pull the trigger and they're professionals. Their strikes will be meticulously planned and professionally executed-- but not against civilians. Mistakes will be made, but they'll be made in good faith. Civilians won't be targeted. Will the be hit? Probably, but not on the magnitude that some predict. I'm not one of the few who'll go over the beach and strike, but I'll be there covering them when they return and protecting our forces at sea. We're not so different than any of you, and we all share your same concerns. We have a conscience, the same as you.

Today I saw our entire country flood its bloodbanks with donors even before the smoke had cleared. In other countries, when calamity occurs, I see looting and bodies being dragged through the streets. Today I read about concern for Islamic minorities and heard arguments against our government and its international policy. In other countries I see minorities and dissidents being lined up and shot.

Today I also saw that our country doesn't have to be leveled or nuked or burned to the ground to be destroyed -- if we allow these actions to make us paranoid and vindictive, our way of life will rot to its core. And today I've never felt more strongly that our silly Baywatch-watching quibbling international-bully idiosynchratic sometimes-racist country deserves to survive. I feel this way because I've seen us as individuals be concerned and generous and caring even under horrifying attack from those with which we have no personal quarrel.

Make no mistake, we are in a fight for survival. The questions now narrow down not to who is responsible; while this is a worthwhile question, it's not the most important. People ask; "Is Osama Bin Laden behind this?" The question really must be: "Is Osama Bin Laden our enemy?" Now is a time for us to find our enemies, those who would perpetrate more acts of terrorism against us, root them out, and destroy them utterly with the full power that we can wield. We must survive in good faith and with a relatively clean consicience, but in order to be a nation of concerned, contemplative, just-minded inviduals who discuss foreign policy over Starbuck's, we must first _survive_. If, by negotiation and peaceful acts we cannot convince or deflect those who would attack us again, then we _must_ be prepared to dispose of them aggressively and without mercy. Sometimes the best option is neither popular, elegant, simple, clean, enlightened, or peaceful.

Nobody hopes more than I and others like me in the military that we'll be able to resolve the rest of this crisis without bloodshed. But the realist in me knows that the world is a terrifying place and that violence must sometimes be used to deflect further violence. If it indeed comes down to that, we will have a green deck.

Godspeed, my friend.