View Full Version : Fabric Soft Sculpture Gnome

December 20th, 2004, 06:43 PM
Materials used: fabric crayons, fabric paint (beard, eyebrows and mitts), markers (some Sharpies & some fabric markers for detail work), muslin fabric, thread, and stuffing

Inspired by art seen in Mount Horeb, WI, USA.


Made the occasional Christmas ornaments for Christian family members but other than that, I didn't do any art for about twenty years. Now (at 44) I'm trying to get back into to doing some art just for the love of art

I guess this is what you call a learning piece--I had used Sharpie markers to add a few lines (such as at the cuff) and colored and painted but then ... got too busy with college. Consequently, the project sat in storage for a few years and when I pulled the unsewn pieces out a couple of years later ... I had found that the Sharpie markers had bled right through fabric crayon and fabric paint even. I did some reading up and found out that Sharpie markers are known to do that on fabric (even though one of the fabric art books shows them using Sharpie markers on fabric!).

I did manage to touch up little guy up, recrayoned the whole body, and repainted his beard, added touches ... and sewed him up.

I've used fabric crayon on a bit of wall art too.