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January 18th, 2005, 06:29 PM

I thought I would post a description of Etheracon, an interfaith convention I presented workshops at this last weekend. Given some of the interests of members on this Forum, I thought there might be interest in hearing about it. If you're interested in checking the etheracon website here it is: http://www.wildravens.net/econ/

This weekend I was at the Etheracon interfaith convention in Poughskeepie NY. I presented five workshops there, and also had the fortune to attend several other workshops. One workshop I attended was Peter Blum's musical therapy workshop, where he showed us how the use of different vocal sounds with vowels could be used to stimulate the health. He also played Tibetan Singing Bowls and had all of us in a trance through that. The experience was very mystical and I know I'll be looking into finding and working with some of the singing bowls. I also attended Marcia Pickands Holy Guardian ritual, where we created an angelic construct to do work on the regions stricken by the Tsunami. There were a few other workshops I'd have liked to have attended. What really struck me about this conference was the overall diversity in topics. From Norse rituals to workshops on Hinduism and Ritual Acrylic Painting and thanatology and Swedish Card divination to Phil Farber's meta magick and hypnosis workshops there was a nice balance between a diversity of traditions and beliefs as well as contemporary approaches to magic. Tom Sheeley, one of the con-chairs told of me previous years, where they've also featured workshops on Christian magic, Native American Shamanism and other cultures. I think I enjoyed this con so much because it was very focused on spirituality and on doing ritual, which is not always something you encounter at every con.

Probably my favorite experience was meeting Marcia and Martin Pickands. They both knew and worked with William G. Gray, a top notch experimenter of magic. Hearing some of the stories about him, as well as getting to do a ritual along the lines of how he constructed rituals was an experience I'd always wanted to have. I was also able to get a lot of information about his organization and his writing, much of which is out of print.

I'm definitely planning on going to Etheracon next year, hopefully to present more workshops. Although, for me, it's a bit of a journey, the experience is definitely worth it, because of the variety of workshops and rituals offered. I learned quite a lot this weekend and met some really good people.

I also had good participation and attendance for all of my workshops. I tested a lot of new material out, including my workshop on DNA magic, Subversive Reiki, Space/Time Tarot, and Elemental Magic workings. I got lots of good questions including the following one, which I've been mulling over the last day or so:

If you work with the spirit of a plant, are you calling on the "individual" plan, that is the personality of that particular plant, or are you calling on the collective consciousness of the plant. Ex: If I worked with an Oak tree, would I be calling on the spirit, consciousness or entity of that particular oak Tree, or would I be working with the collective consciousness of all oak trees? My experience, which is subjective, is that I'm working with the individual plant. What are your thoughts?

Oh and if you happen to be interested in Etheracon, they are accepting registrations for next year. When you do register, please tell them I referred you. Thanks!