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September 29th, 2001, 10:08 PM
Hey all. Just got back from the bookstore the other day. I really shouldn't be allowed in there, spend WAY too much $$$ every time! :rolleyes:

Anyway, i picked up 2 Terry Brooks novels. "The first king of Shannara" & "The Sword of Shannara". I got them, because I play D&D and currently, i've been nominated as the DM. I read an excerpt of TB's new book: the isle witch: antrax & became interested in the Four Lands as my next D&D campaign.

Just wondering if anyone read these books & liked them or will they be a waste of my time? :D

Yvonne Belisle
September 30th, 2001, 01:47 AM
I really like them but then to I'm fond of a lot of books.:) The series is quite a few books but they are very good and don't nesessarily need to be read in series. It's always better to read a series from the first one on but his books can stand alone too.

September 30th, 2001, 12:09 PM
Thanks Yvonne! I figured the same thing about reading in series. I generally want a good read & to gain some knowledge for my game. It's hard for me sometimes to read "fantasy quest books" i usually end up comparing similarities to LOTR to the book. I'm already doing it while reading "First King" :rolleyes: I HAVE to stop doing that! :D

October 4th, 2001, 01:53 PM
I borrowed a few from the library a year or two back but found I never really got into them. I'll have to give them a second try sometime.

October 4th, 2001, 07:03 PM
i have read his entire shannarra series cover to cover including The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara: Antrax(second book in that paticular sequence) I can never get tired of reading that series....it is awsome!!!

October 7th, 2001, 08:50 PM
i'm in the process of reading the Scions of Shannara. it's the first in the heritage of shannara series. so far it's good. it's a great series. my fiancee shadowulfe got me hooked on the series.:) :D :rolleyes: :lol: :wave: :heartthro :heartthro

October 12th, 2001, 10:47 AM
I think I have read one of his but I cant remember which one it was...

*brain dead*

October 18th, 2001, 10:46 AM
MM Starlight!,
I just checked out "World of Shannara" from the library yesterday. It has a lot of useful information for a D & D campain. Information like: The Layout of Paranor-The druid's keep. It also has background information about all the characters in the Shannara series...might want to take a look at it. Might find quite a few things that are useful!!

Brightest Blessings,

October 18th, 2001, 11:26 AM
Shadowulfe!!! Thank you so much for the information!!! Yes, it probably will be a great resource. Now, if only I could kick everyone i play with in the butt so we can get back. Anyone know how to create/play a RPG campaign on line???

October 18th, 2001, 07:36 PM
Shannara books rule I just started recently reading the wishsong of Shannara, beautiful books with wonderful imagery and characters you grow to love. I love Terry Brooks and I can't wait to start on another one of his series!

you play D&D? do you happen to know how to play Forgotten Realms as well? I wish I could learn to play these things...

October 18th, 2001, 09:55 PM
Most of our adventures have been in the Forgotten Realms. I really like that world, especially the Magic aspects. :D

October 18th, 2001, 10:02 PM
Im Kinda partial to the Dragonlance setting myself...i have no idea how to set things up online though. I miss playing Dungeons & Dragons

October 20th, 2001, 12:24 PM
Really good....nicely written and very descriptive...