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February 24th, 2005, 03:06 PM
I've always had a bit of a sense that certain things would happen, or I needed to do certain things at a certain time for whatever reason. This is hard to explain for me. It's always just been mild ESP and I'd always thought of it as coincidence. They'd been happening more and more lately so a friend suggested I do some meditating and try to organize my thoughts a bit, just relax. She also has what she calls a "spiritual guide" and suggested maybe I should try to contact my guide.

Now's the weird part that has freaked me out. I did some meditating and asked my guide to let themselves be heard in me (like my friend suggested). Nothing happened at first. I tried again and waited. Then screaming.....like a million voices in my head. Hence I stopped, I never want to hear that sound again. Am I just crazy or is there really something happening and how do I go about embracing this and controling it? Did I do something wrong? I'm so confused.


February 24th, 2005, 03:34 PM
could be that you opened yourself up to something other than your spirit guide. Did you put up a circle first? I would suggest putting up a circle before you call out for something like that. Also, you could try dreaming for your spirit guide too. Mine first appeared to me in a dream, after I opened myself to it. Mugwort under the pillow is good for dreaming/divining answers to questions, so maybe you could ask about your guide and sleep on it.

February 24th, 2005, 06:19 PM
Hi there, im Leona, but most people call me gothie, either is fine by me lol.

First of all by way of a disclaimler, anything i say is based on personal experiance and may not be '' right'' for want of a better word for everyone.

It sounds very much like my first experiance with ''voices'' first it was mild ESP and an empathic ability with those around me, suddenly i stared feeling as though i were being asked to sit up and take notice in a different way than before, i would suddenly blurt things out that made no sense to me, but made perfect sense to the person i had been talking to, i had no warning , it was like being yelled at, or having someone use my voice to say hay you know what!!

it is very hard to explain, but i told a few freinds who suggested i meditate on it and see what was happening, so i called upon my patron goddess to help me better understand the situation, and it was as if someone had turned on a hundred radios voices came rushing in, i instantly stopped what i was doing i took a break , this break lasted for about 3 days before i picked up the courage to do it again, this time i tried to concentrate on one voice, its took along time to work round this, and paitently ask the others to calm down and i would hear them in good time.

Casting a circle is a good idea if your going to purposly sit down and 'listen' it will give added protection to you if you feel you need it. I went by my feelings, it was scary at first, id be daft if i didnt admit that, but i *knew* that what was happening was not harmfull, and that i wouldnt be harmed by seeking out answers, i never cast a circle ,i didnt feel a need for one , this doesnt mean you shouldnt again go by your instinct.

Now things have calmed down alot , i hera the occasional whipser and get a nidge here and there when im not even concentrating, its comforting in a strange way, when ''they'' want to be heard they will soon let you know in their own way, for me it comes so fast there is no time to prepare mysef.

Whats happening so far as i can make out is that your have arrived at a new stange of your ability, and with anything new you need to take the time to slow doan and listen to your instinct, commune with the voices, and with the deities, dont bite off more than you can chew , patience here is most deffinatly a virtue.

feel free to PM me if you want to talk about things, sometiles chatting to soleone who is going through something similar helps.

And just for the record, no your not crazy :hugs: