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March 4th, 2005, 10:19 AM
This is going to take some time to explain so bear with me.

Tabbykitty asked me to post a longer more detailed version of the differences in abilities, so here it goes. I'll try to be as informative as I can be, but I only recently began awakening my own matter abilities, and most of what I posted is regurgitated from a channeled source.

I'm going to start with an example. I have found in the past that I can and have been able to manipulate fire. This ability is called pyrokinesis as I'm sure everyone is roughly familiar with if you're also familiar with psychokinesis or telekinesis.

Now, to activate Pyrokinesis, I meditate, connect with the flame, become the flame, see the flame and then turn my thought patterns towards what I want the flame to do. I'm sure you've seen the picture on my signature, and make no mistake, I created that flame, there was no wick in the candle jar and if you look closely at it, the flame isn't even touching the wax, it's floating about a millimeter above the wax. It's also blue, and in most pictures, fire is orange.

Now, to do this on the level of a power ability is not much different. There's simply less thought in the matter. It's more that instead of channeling your brain power towards the goal, you channel your energy instead and give it a goal. Power/Matter abilities (I'm going to simply start calling them Matter Abilities now) are not much different from Psychic Abilities, they simply use a different part of you.

I'm not sure if anyone's ever heard of the term, "A Witch's Power" but that would be the term associated with Matter Abilities. When casting a spell you meditate and channel your energy towards a certain goal. This means that the energy manifests inside of you and is then released into the atmosphere so that karmically, you will achieve your goal. With Matter Abilities, objects and ingredients can be charged and used so that the energy is focues and it does not become volatile and backfire on you.

An example that I always use is my candle jar. One day I was attempting to raise the flame, and just as I had it, the fire was sparking, everything seemed to be going okay, until suddenly I heard a bang, and sure enough, there was a piece of the candle jar sitting about 6 inches from the jar. Basically, because the energy wasn't controlled, and because I didn't use other objects to contain the energy, I blew a hole right in the side of the candle jar.

Most of the time I place the candle jar in the center of 4 tea light candles so that I can represent the four corners, and then I raise the energy for the flame.

So, to recap, Matter Abilities are those we use in Spellworking.

Now, I'm sure you were all wondering about the reference of being able to turn a mountain into a castle. This is an extreme Matter Ability. Obviously as with the Candle Jar you would have to enclose the mountain physically by a circle of candles, or water, earth, whatever, you would have to create a circle and then concentrate on sending your energy to change that which already is.

Essentially it is the same thing as spellworking, as in spells your goal is to change something. The difference is that instead of metaphysically changing something, you want to now physically change something.

Another sidenote, and probably good piece of information. All abilities work on a sort of efficiency scale.
Abilities you have but are dormant are labeled as Level 1.
Abilities you know you have but cannot awaken are Level 2.
Abilities that you can use when it is life threatening or necessary is Level 3.
Level 4 are abilities you subconsciously use.
Level 5 are abilities you can consciously use but have little control over.
Level 6 are abilities you have some control over.
Level 7 are abilities you have moderate control over.
Level 8 are abilities you can consciously turn on or off.
Level 9 are abilities you can use on yourself.
Level 10 are abilities that begin to evolve into other abilities.

There are 100 different levels of efficiency, I just don't know all of them. I've read certain people who have effiiciencies in some abilities as 50's or 60's and the highest I've seen is 100, and I stayed away from that person after that because the ability happened to be telepathy and I'd rather not have someone controlling my thoughts.

So, the person with the ability to turn a mountain into a castle might have a measly Matter Ability of Earth Manifest, (hey! I remembered something!) and it's level of efficiency is 95.

I hope this was informative and I hope it helps. Once again, my information comes from past life experiences, and from beings that have been channeled through my husband. Please don't ask about him, I'm not sure he would be as willing to explain what he does and how he does it. So, I have to respect his mystery.