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March 5th, 2005, 02:30 PM
Hi All, :bug: I am posting notes from this book which could be of interest to you it is called " Extra potentials of mind". It is on healing, the developement of intuition and the mind and telepathy If you hane any questions from this reading please PM me.
Following is the preface and TOC for the book...
Hidden beneath the ore of the conscious mind, there lie the prodigious powers of the unconscious mind. Activation of the subtle centers in the brain and the endocrine system helps expression of the miraculous powers of the inner mind and manifestation of its faculties in the world. Clairvoyance, precognition, knowledge of the hidden or the unseen, realization of the distant past or the future as happening in the present, extrasensory perceptions beyond the barriers of space-time constraints, are among the much talked of supernatural experiences. These also constitute the major cause of common curiosity on the one front and the focus of meticulous scientific inquisitiveness on theother.The present book has brought in-depth details on the myths and realities of the extrasensory perceptions, supramental talents and supernormal experiences. The author has thoroughly attended to multiple aspects of the cosmic evolution of consciousness in the human
body, spiritual transmutation of hidden intellect .He has also discussed – along with evidential examples – the possibilities of sudden arousal of supernatural faculties because of the intrinsic mental tendencies understanding the complexities
of human mind and awakening of latent talents.
The author provides a marvelous combination of rare information and references from the ancient scriptures and modern scientific research findings. The ample collection of authentic examples on
each topic adds to the lucidity and liveliness of the book. The perspicuous explanation and scientific
elucidation of the "Para" and "Apara" forms of Nature, matter and anti-matter, realization of time as the
fourth dimension, horizons of existence beyond the three dimensional space, etc presented here are
truly remarkable. The book also offers us a unique opportunity of elevated scientific thinking of our mental realms.
• The Wonders Of The Negligible
• Cosmic Evolution In The Human Body
• The Seeds of Super Knowledge Lie In Every Brain
• Arcane Energy Centers In Human Body
• The Source Of Eminent Talents
• The Core of Infinite Potentials
• Riddles of Nature – Challenges For The Intellect!
• Hypnotism May Help Unfolding Of The Unconscious
• Human Mind Or A Living Encyclopedia?
• Vision Of The Hidden Eye
• The Key Of Total Health Folded In The Neuronal Network
• So Wonderful Is Our Mental Communication!
• The Unique Power Of Thoughts
• Telepathy Is Real And Feasible
• The Multipurpose Instrument Of Human Body
• Our Prodigious Subliminal Powers
• The Magical Effects of Brain-Activities
• Mental Strength For Desired Success
• Accidental Emergence Of E.S.P.
• The Complexity Of Mind
• The Amazing And Unknown World Living In The Human Body
• Human Mind – Coherence Of Infinite Energy
• The Latent Roots Of Powers
• Know Your Future
• Horizons Of Consciousness Beyond The Sensory Functions
• Keep Your Mind Open – Know The Unknown
• The Radio-Communication And Television Of The Brain
• Scientific Investigations On Supernormal Faculties
• Expression Of Hidden Talents
• A Repository Of Supernatural Attainments
• Emergence of Siddhis In The Inner World By Yoga
• Radiance Of Inner Strength
• The Secrets Entangled In Obscurity
• The Mystic Experiences In Awakened Hermitages
• Live Experiences Of The Distant Past
• Precognition – Philosophical Vision and Scientific Reality
• The Other World – Some Unresolved Riddles
• Hello, Planet Mars! One Second….., I Am Just Arriving…
• Occult Facets Of Life In New Scientific Light
• The Individual Mind Vs The Cosmic Mind
• Commingling Of The Individual And The Cosmic Consciousness

Hope you like the book. http://www.awgp.org/english/books/books_english.html
It can be read/ free downloaded from
Author: – Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Please let me know what you think of it, I personnaly found it very interesting. Hope to hear from you soon. :wave:


March 20th, 2005, 12:31 AM
ima bookmark this and read it soon. looks promising! thanks for posting it!