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March 12th, 2005, 04:30 PM
I'm having trouble drawing eyes.
They tend to look big and dark like they are popping off the face and I
can't seem to make the same shape on each eye. One gets more slanted or
round or something.

So does anyone have advice on how to draw eyes realistically?

March 12th, 2005, 04:49 PM
A photoshop tutorial, but still good. Just treat the strokes like a pencil stroke.


And more goodies for eyes:


One important thing to remember is the eye is a ball. Its a sphere. its not flat. WHen rendering an eyeball try to picture it as a ball inside of a socket.

March 12th, 2005, 04:51 PM
LOL I was gonna say: google "how to draw anatomy" or something like that...but here we are, mol our resident "draw by hand or puter" expert got to it w/links already!

Good luck, and share the results when you've finished--lots of support here for budding artists!

March 12th, 2005, 10:22 PM
I love drawing eyes cuase that to me is where alot of experssion can be put. and it is probably the only part of the face I can draw with some realism :D

Mol those are good links !!

March 13th, 2005, 12:58 AM

Thanks so much! :bouncysmi

Dawa Lhamo
March 14th, 2005, 02:37 AM
Well, I don't know if the links address it (I haven't looked at them yet), but a mistake that a lot of people make is drawing eyes as if the eyelid has no width. It's only a couple millimeters, but it makes a big difference. That and a lot of people draw an eye thinking of the concept "eye" and not the shapes that make up the image of an eye.... Not that I'm an authority or anything, but that's what I've been taught. Here's an attachment to illustrate what I mean. (mostly I'm just using you as an excuse to play with my new digital camera...) ;)

Tashi delek!
Dawa Lhamo

March 16th, 2005, 04:44 AM

I love that tutorial so much! I had never been able to draw realistic eyes, but I followed the tutorial and the end result was amazing! :dancy:

[wow I sound like an infomercial :yayah:]