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April 27th, 2005, 12:22 AM
You’re a pretty accomplished magician. You have ideas that no one’s thought of or written down before. Some of the info is a new twist on the tried and true methods, and some of it is completely new, on a different tangent. You have occasionally found replies such as “that’s way too out there” or “you’re reinventing the wheel,” but the fire within you refuses to be stomped out. You will make your ideas known to the world…

Sounds like you? Then you may be interested in participating in an anthology of “Magic on the Edge”.

This work will feature magicians pushing the edge of magic: the next generation of magician. The focus of this anthology is on experimental work in magick; the kind of works that will advance the current meaning of magick, from one generation to the next.

Here's the kind of writing we’re looking for: The writing should be a mixture of
technique/theory/and personal experience. We want you to explain the theory
behind the technique, the process involved in making the magick happen. Explain the technique, the practical aspects of it, what a person would need to do, to do it. We also want you to present possible alternatives for the technique, basically variations
of the technique. Finally tell the reader why you did the technique. What
situation, if any, necessitated doing the technique. Tell the story of why
you chose to do what you did. Or did you do the technique for the sheer fun
of experimentation?

Alternatively: Tell us why you experiment with magick, what the drive is to
experiment, what your purpose is to experiment. Explore the social dimension
of experimentation, where you see magick going, what trends you see
developing. Why is it important to experiment in magick?

Or write an interviewer with someone who would be considered an innovator/experimenter of magick practice. This person should have work published if you are going to interview him/her.

If you are interested in publishing some of your workings and experimentations, you can contact Taylor Ellwood, Occult Editor of Immanion Press, at taylor@spiralnature.com for further info.

Stretch beyond your limits, and see where it takes you.


Taylor Ellwood
Author of Pop Culture Magick and Space/Time Magic (Sept 2005) and host of the
Occult Author Resource page, which can be found at http://taylorellwood.chaosmagic.com

July 1st, 2005, 07:07 PM
A reminder to people that you have approximately a month left to submit an article for the anthology