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May 6th, 2005, 01:45 AM
Faery’s and the Elements

Air Spirits
The air element, featured by intelligence, represented by Spring and Dawn is inhabited by Sylphs in the form of butterflies. They control winds, help birds in their migrations and flowers in their pollination. Their light yellow-toned translucent appearance is present in the scent of wet herb threatening to rain.

Water Spirits
The water element featured by love and cures, represented by Autumn and Sunset, is inhabited by nymphs, water goblins, mermaids, Nereid, and undines. They appear as mythological creatures in all liquids, such as seas, rivers, fresh water brooks, falls, and clouds. Their aspects vary depending on their habitat. Nereid's rule the seas; undines called Naiads by the Greek are found in lakes. They are mostly blue and a receptive energy. Like mermaids, they attract any sailor with their songs until they wreck. They are the ones channeling natural river beds.

Earth Spirits
The Earth element is the densest. It is represented by winter and the night. It is inhabited by Ladies, goblins, gnomes, and trolls. They are mostly green, and have a receptive energy. Fairies or Ladies are characterized by their kindness and for being the oldest inhabitants of the plant. They may either be imposing or tiny; their powers, however, are incredible and dominate nature.

Fire Spirits
The Fire element features both creation and destruction. It is represented by summer, and daylight. It is inhabited by Salamanders, Farralis and Ra-Arus, appearing as reddish salamanders and dragons. They give the idea that with courage and imagination everything can be done. They send forth projective energy, and dominate the element. No fire would be ignited without their intervention.